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Document and Publication Server Qucosa

The aim of the Saxon Document and Publication Server Qucosa is to provide free publication, indexing and long-term archiving for electronic documents, and is part of the international open access movement.

A special area of Qucosa is dedicated to serving as an institutional repository for scholars and members of the TU Dresden. Scientific articles and research reports, conference proceedings, dissertations and postdoctoral theses or dissertations can be published here.

The TU Dresden Open Access Resolution calls on scholars to deposit their scholarly publications in the Qucosa repository, to enable global access to research results. The SLUB Open Access team will be glad to help you with the second publication of your work on Qucosa.

All of the documents in Qucosa can be researched using the SLUB catalogue, and are citable via stabile URN (Uniform Resource Name). Content is indexed in  international search engines, such as  Google Scholar or BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine), thus making it globally accessible.