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Doctoral Dissertations and Postdoctoral Theses

According to the doctorate regulations of some faculties of the TU Dresden, publishing a dissertation is part of the promotion. The Theses Department at the SLUB can advise and support you in all formal matters concerning the publication, and can help you find the best form of publication to meet your needs.

Finding the best publishing solution will heavily depend on the discipline, but there some good reasons for publishing your academic work electronically.

The Rectorial Board and the Senate of the TU Dresden recently adopted an Open Access-Resolution, which calls on scholars to deposit their scholarly publications in the Qucosa repository, and make them openly accessible.

The modern document server Qucosa has many advantages:

  • Worldwide availability of full texts,
  • Citability via persistent WWW addresses (URN),
  • Indexing in catalogues, directories and search engines,
  • Extensive research options,
  • Long-term archiving,
  • Supported by Open Access.

The electronic documents are indexed by SLUB subject specialists, according to the Regensburg (RVK) and the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).

As an author, you have the option of assigning free keywords in multiple languages, so as to better describe your document. These metadata are processed by scientific search engines, allowing better search results and increasing the traceability of your work.

In addition to printed works, we also catalog electronic documents and reference them in the catalogs of participating libraries in the South West German Library Association (SWB), and the German National Library. By assigning a constant URN, the document remains persistently citable.

Find out more about the formal requirements, type, and scope, as well as the possibilities of submitting deposit copies of your publication.

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