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Guidance and Information

Advice on Site

You are welcome to contact our staff at the information desks with all questions about library use and information retrieval as well as expert questions. During our service hours we advise on the following topics (this service is free of charge):

  • information on the stock of the SLUB and of other libraries
  • advice on databases, electronic journals and interlibrary loan
  • navigation aid on the Internet
  • information on the stock of the Media Center collections and the music department

Knowledge Bar

For subject-related or on-topic questions our experts of the Knowledge Bar will readily assist.

Advice from Afar

We also answer your questions in writing or, during the service hours,  by phone. Please use our contact form to send us your questions, suggestions or criticism. We answer in short time, often on the same day.

Research on Request

For especially complex and time-consuming questions we offer our fee-based research services.