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FAQs - Makerspace

What does the slogan "Knowledge comes from ... making" mean?

The central tasks of the library, build knowledge, structure and convey, with the motto "Leading Knowledge" intensified by practical experiences in dealing with machines and manufacturing processes and methods in Makerspace. Because "Knowledge comes from ... making!. The connections of the Library and new technologies offers interesting opportunities for new collaborations and fields of acting.The focus of the creative work in our Makerspace are knowledge transfer and exchange. Users can learn from users and sharing existing know-how with each other.

What is the Makerspace M1?

The Makerspace of the SLUB Dresden is an open creative space for people who want to realize their own ideas and do-it-yourself projects. The Makerspace is located at the Departmental Library DrePunct and has been become a service for all users of the SLUB. There are you can try out new techniques, exchange experiences and find new people with common interests.

What is the Makerspace M2?

The Makerspace M2  is a work place   for conceptual project work with Makerspace reference. In addition, workshops, community meetings and presentations will be held in room M2. The Makerspace M2 is open during the opening times of the Departmental Library DrePunct.

What is the Makerspace M3?

The Makerspace M3  comprises two workstations for the independent digitisation of records and video cassettes. It is located in the central library on level -1 to the right of the information point music/media in the "glass box".

What are the opening hours of the Makerspace?

The current opening hours of Makerspace M1 refer to the  Makerspace  website. The Makerspace M2 is open during the opening times of the Departmental Library DrePunct and the Makerspace M3 is open during opening times of the Central Library.

Which machines, electrical appliances and tools are available?

Information about the available machines, electrical appliances and electrical tools and their usage can be found here. Please note in addition the information about the operation of each machine, small electrical appliances and tools. auf FAQ What are the requirements for the use of machinery, electrical appliances and tools?

What are the requirements for the use of machines, electrical appliances and tools?

The use of machines, electrical appliances and equipment is possible for all registered users of the SLUB. Necessary for the use of electrical appliances, is the participation on the course "Geräteführerschein Kleingeräte" and and a current occupational safety instruction. Your participation can be booked at  Makerspace Events Calendar. Machines are supervised by the Makerspace team. All information you can find on the  equipment booking.

What is a device reservation necessary for?

For the not freely usable machine, it is essential to reserve the particular machine before. For a smooth flow in the processing note the booking information. The disclosure of information to a project helps the Makerspace team and you projects easily realized.

What should I observe when I am working in Makerspace M1?

Please take note of our Terms of Use. Health and safety is the top priority for the use of machinery and electrical appliances. Appropriate dress for a workshop, especially footwear is necessary. Prerequisite for safe working are impeccable tools and cleanliness at the workplace. If you determine any damage on equipment or tools, report it immediately to our staff. In addition, we want each other to maintain a respectful and considerate treatment. Please taje note of our Terms of Use.

Are there any fees for using the Makerspace M1?

The Makerspace, including work surfaces, small electrical appliances and tools is free for all users of the SLUB. For the use of machinery, such as e.g. the laser-cutting-and-engraving-system and the 3D-printers are charged fees. The hours required are recorded by the devices and serve as a basis for calculation. The fee is posted to your user account and can be paid at the circulation desk, at the ticket machine at the Central Library. An overview about the chargeable machine can be find in the shedule of fees .

Can I purchase materials at the Makerspace?

No. The consumables (filament, gypsum, binder) for the 3D-printers are provided by the Makerspace. Anything else you need for your project must be brought.

What is the difference between Open factory and equipment booking?

At the Open factory there are small laser orders processed (to 10 minutes), make an appointment for larger projects and tips and information mediated about laser and 3D projects. For the implementation of larger projects. For realization of larger project we recommend you to make an equipment booking .

How do I know the status of my 3D printing?

At any time during the opening hours you can pass in Makerspace M1 or send us an email to query the status of your print.