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How do I become a registered SLUB user?

At first, please use our online form.  You will get your SLUBCARD after submitting the identification number you gained from filling out the form. Registration is possible at all SLUB locations. Please bring your identity card or passport with you. Non-EU citizens still need a registration certificate. If you are a student at the TU Dresden, please also bring your certificate of matriculation.

Further information:

How long is my SLUBCARD valid?

The SLUBCARD is valid for 400 days.

Can I renew my SLUBCARD online?

No, but you can request a renewal of your SLUBCARD via the contact form on the SLUB website or via phone ( +49 351 4677-390). You will have to indicate your user card number, your current physical address and your birthdate. Alternatively, you are welcome to renew your card at one of our service desks.