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FAQ - Keywords

Tag: literature

Is reference management software subject to a charge?

There is cost-free as well as fee-based software. Zotero, for example, is a free program. Fee-based software is partly provided free of charge in limited versions, such as Citavi. There are also temporally limited test versions available, as offered by Endnote.

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To what purpose do I use reference management software?

Reference management software supports the process of academic research and writing. It simplifies the compilation, administration and organisation of your literature and other information. When writing your texts thereafter, these programs help with consistent citation and assist with compiling your bibliography.

Where can I find periodicals?

Periodicals and newspapers can be found via the SLUB catalog. Alternatively, the Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB) lists besides print and online titles also microfilms and microfiches. The Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB) lists all e-journals licensed by the SLUB. The EZB offers detailed license information.

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How do I find e-books?

E-books can be found with the aid of the SLUB catalog. There you will find links leading to the respective online offers. Moreover, you can access e-book collections of different publishing houses via our database information system DBIS.

What kind of media are listed in the SLUB catalog?

The SLUB catalog lists books, e-books, periodicals, e-journals, essays in periodicals, as well as images of the Deutsche Fotothek, documents within the publication server Qucosa, objects of our Digital Collections, standards, audio media, films etc.

Can I use the SLUB catalog for thematic search enquiries?

Yes. Please enter search items that best describe your search idea. Your query should consist of nouns: instead of "legal dimension" you would, for example, type in "law". The query can be narrowed down by considering particular facets.

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How do I thematically search for literature?

For thematic searches you best use the SLUB catalog, the SLUB catalog beta and the scientific databases. You can choose your subject in the databank information system DBIS.  All databases licensed by the SLUB are provided with the information "Campuslizenz" and marked with a yellow dot. After entering your search items you will receive bibliographical data and possibly facts and/or full texts.