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What does "Access via DBoD" or "Shibboleth" mean?

Access via DBoD - Databases on Demand: The initial access to electronic resources happens through a so called EZproxy-Server that redirects the user to the requested content. In this way, unlimited access to licensed databases is possible also beyond the campus net. When a connection is made via proxy , the URL contains the supplement

Shibboleth: The user signs in with their user number and password. It is checked whether the user is authorized to access location-independent services or licensed contents of several providers.

How can I access licensed electronic resources from home?

Access is only granted to TU Dresden members.
Many databases / e-journals are fee-based and licensed by the SLUB. The access is therefore limited. Members of the TU Dresden can access these resources via VPN or DBoD (Databases on Demand) with their SLUBCARD user number and password.

A certain number of licensed databases and e-books are now available for all users with a valid SLUBCARD from home

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I am not a member of the TU Dresden. Can I access licensed electronic resources?

Yes. You can fully access databases, e-journals und e-books at all SLUB locations. To do so, you will need a valid SLUBCARD.
In addition, there are a number of licensed databases and e-books which are available to all users with a valid SLUBCARD from outside the TU Dresden campus.

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