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Tag: interlibrary loan

How much is an interlibrary loan order?

The fee for every initiated interlibrary loan order is 1,50 €. When triggering an order, you contract a legally valid obligation to pay the interlibrary loan fee. This is a processing fee that also accrues if the request is not succesfull.
Copies up to 20 pages are included in the fee. When requesting a copy of a more extensive essay of more than 20 pages, there are additional fees from the first page on. The cost is at the delivering library's discretion. It might be a blanket amount or a spefific amount per page.



How do I place an order via interlibrary loan?

All important information can be found on the website Delivery Service / Interlibrary Loan. There you will also find the link to the research portal. Here you can search for the desired title and place an order directly from the hit list. If your search request was not successful, please use the freie free input form. Every physical media unit normally requires an own order.

What do I need interlibrary loan for?

You basically use the interlibrary loan system to request media that are not present at the SLUB Dresden, its branch libraries or other libraries in Dresden.