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Why should I sign in to my user account?

There are extended features available if you sign in to your user account on the SLUB website. By doing this, you can easily order media from the closed stacks, request or reserve borrowed media or view licensed documents from outside the SLUB.

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How and how often can I extend loan periods of borrowed media?

It is possible to extend the loan period of media twice. You can extend the period yourself via your user account - as long as no other library user has requested the media. The extension period begins the day you initiate the renewal.

What is necessary to use the self-service machine when borrowing a book?

You will need a valid SLUBCARD and a PIN, which you can assign via your user account.

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How about the conditions for borrowing and renewing interlibrary loan media?

The lending period as well as potential constraints for borrowing or copying are basically determined by the lending library. Interlibrary loan media can be renewed once if there are no other regulations set by the delivering library. For extending the loan period, please make an application via your user account three days before the borrowing time ends.