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FAQ - Keywords

How do I find a specific medium in the library building?

Identify the signature of the desired medium on the basis of the catalog entry, for example, ZH 3470 W214. This signature will be linked. When clicking the link, you will be directed to the 3D model. There you will find the exact location of the shelf as well as further information.



Which events and trainings are taking place at the SLUB?

In our trainings you can learn how to use the library, how to do literature research, how to use citation programs, how to work with Word 2010, how to use the technical equipment in our buildings and much more. We offer tours through the book museum as well as workshops in our Makerspace. We also offer individual consultations concerning manifold research topics within our Wissensbar service.

Further information:

Are there guided tours through the treasure chamber in the book museum?

Yes, there are. Public tours through the treasure room take place on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. Fees will not be charged. Interested parties meet in the foyer in the Central Library.

How can I view manuscripts or music manuscripts?

Please order the desired document personally via library ticket, by phone: +49 351 4677-552 (Music Manuscripts) - 511 (Using Manuscripts), or via contact form. Please make an advance reservation not less than one day before the date you wish to use the document. Furthermore, you will need a valid SLUBCARD.

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I would like to donate books to the SLUB. Is this possible?

Yes, it is. Please send us a list with information on title, author and year of publication by email or mail. You are also welcome to contact us by phone: + 49 351 4677 245.

Further information:
  • Postal address for donations: SLUB Dresden, SG Monografien / Geschenke, 01054 Dresden

What are book boxes and how can I get a book box?

Book boxes are lockers where borrowed items can be kept temporarily. Please get in touch with our staff at the circulation desk of the respective SLUB location. In case all book boxes are occupied, you can make a reservation via the SLUB catalog.

What are "Semesterapparate" and where are they located?

A Semesterapparat is a compilation of selected media (key texts) for a course at university. There are Semesterapparate consisting of books (Buchsemesterapparat), there are electronic Semesterapparate as well as audiovusual ones.

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Who is authorized to use a carrel (individual study room)?

Students who are writing their final thesis can apply for a carrel. A lottery then decides on the allocation of the carrels.

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How can I book a group working room?

Our group working rooms at the Central Library and the branch libraries Education and Medicine can be booked online. Groups can book a room for four hours per day and up to 14 calendar days in advance.
For group working rooms in the branch libraries Law and Forestry there are no bookings possible.

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Can I suggest media for the SLUB to purchase?

Yes, this is possible. To do so, please fill out the form PurchaseTip (KaufTipp).

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I lost something. What can I do?

For lost items please ask at the service desks of our locations. Lost and found items will be handed over to the Lost and Found Office of the City of Dresden on the first and third Thursday of each month after two weeks.



Can I end my SLUB membership?

Yes. If you definitely intend to end your SLUB membership, you can let us know. To be able to do so, all your obligations towards the SLUB have to be fulfilled. You will return your SLUBCARD and we will delete your data record.

Am I allowed to eat and drink at the SLUB?

No. Eating and drinking is only permitted in the dedicated rooms (foyer, cafeteria, lunch rooms). Bottled water is allowed everywhere, except the special collections reading room.

May I use my smartphone at the SLUB?

Yes. You will need your cell phone to surf the internet, to use our SLUB app, to scan QR codes for navigation in our buildings, or to digitize materials. Please behave in a considerate and respectful manner and do not make loud phone calls.

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Are bags and coats allowed inside the SLUB?

The general rule that jackets, coats and bags of all kinds have to be stored away in the provided lockers does no longer apply at any of the SLUB locations (except reading room collections). Nevertheless, we recommend stowing coats and bags in the lockers.