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FAQ - Keywords

What do PC workstations at the SLUB offer?

Our PC workstations are based on a Linux Mint system with a Firefox and Google Chrome browser. The language of the system and the application programs can be switched from German to English. Zotero is pre-installed. LibreOffice is available at all workstations. Research results can be sent by email or to a printing station, or can be transferred to a USB flash drive.



Can I edit my own texts at the library's PC workstations?

Yes. At all PC workplaces there is LibreOffice installed. You can edit own texts, presentations or tables - also if they are created in MicrosoftOffice - via the Viewer. It is important to save the file in your editing format.
Please note: after ten minutes of inactivity the current user will be logged out, following a respective warning. At this point at the latest, all your personal data such as downloads, forms, histories and passwords are permanently deleted.

I am visually impaired - is there a PC workstation available for me?

Yes. The PC workstation for the blind and visually impaired is located at the Central Library, level 0, room 0.44. There, the software JAWS - Job Access with Speech is installed. The PC is equipped with a screen reader, a text-to-speech audio reader and a scanner for book edges. Please contact our staff at the Service Counter.

Can I use a PC workstation although I am not a registered SLUB user?

No. SLUB offers, for example our catalog, our Internet pages, the overview of our specialist databases and electronic journals and pages from other providers are available to you after an authentication with user number and password. The only exception is the online user login, which is necessary to become a user of SLUB.

How many printed copies of my doctoral thesis do I have to hand in?

The publishing of doctoral and postdoctoral theses as well as details on deposit copies are subject to the doctoral/postdoctoral regulations of the respective faculty of the TU Dresden. Please read up about your faculty’s specific standards.


Further Information

Is there any support for research data management?

Research Data Management (FDM) covers all organizational activities associated with the extraction, treatment, processing, analysis, storage, filing and publication of research data. The SLUB provides its users with comprehensive services via the Service team research data – a cooperation of the SLUB and partners from TUD such as the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH). Get in contact with the service team via or arrange a personal consultation in our Wissensbar.

Can I get help when writing scientific publications?

Yes. Together with you we develop strategies and concepts in your discipline. We consult and give advice regarding the professional use of tools that support the whole process of scientific writing (word processing and reference management software). For individual consulting, please make an appointment with our experts in the knowledge bar - write / publish.

What are the opening hours of the SLUB?

The Central Library is open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. and on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. Please see the links below for opening hours of the branch libraries and service hours of the Central Library.

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What do I have to pay for using the SLUB?

Using the SLUB is free of charge.
However, there are fees for specific services, such as digitization orders, interlibrary loan, or exceedance of lending periods.

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Who is allowed to use the SLUB?

All persons of 14 years and above may use the SLUB Dresden.

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I would like to use the SLUB for a short time period only. Do I still have to register?

If you intend to use our online ressources or would like to lend books from the SLUB, you will need a SLUBCARD. For simply staying at the SLUB you do not have to register.

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How do I become a registered SLUB user?

At first, please use our online form.  You will get your SLUBCARD after submitting the identification number you gained from filling out the form. Registration is possible at all SLUB locations. Please bring your identity card or passport with you. Non-EU citizens still need a registration certificate. If you are a student at the TU Dresden, please also bring your certificate of matriculation.

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How long is my SLUBCARD valid?

The SLUBCARD is valid for 400 days.

Can I renew my SLUBCARD online?

No, but you can request a renewal of your SLUBCARD via the contact form on the SLUB website or via phone ( +49 351 4677-390). You will have to indicate your user card number, your current physical address and your birthdate. Alternatively, you are welcome to renew your card at one of our service desks.

Why should I sign in to my user account?

There are extended features available if you sign in to your user account on the SLUB website. By doing this, you can easily order media from the closed stacks, request or reserve borrowed media or view licensed documents from outside the SLUB.

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