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Simple Search Help

How Do I Use the Simple Searchto top

The SLUB Catalog is based on the idea of the discovery system. Owing to our innovative technology SLUBsemantics, you can use the catalog to execute topical searches. SLUBsemantics is currently activated for the tab "Books, Images ..." in the results page. The search terms you type into the search bar will be analyzed and interpreted as concepts if they are nouns. Thinking of concepts you should try to paraphrase nounphrases as nouns. You can use English, German or Polish as search languages:

koło łopatkowe

Generally speaking, try to find search terms that describe your research idea best (this applies to all tabs in the result page):

einstein relativity

If you exactly know that a publication exists, find it by entering all known information into the search box, e.g. title, author, publisher:

power system milano springer

You can even use figures, and numbers allowing you to search for exact publication years etc.:

cormac mccarthy 2007

Other numbers such as SLUB barcode, ISBN or ISSN can also be searched:


Can I Restrict My Search in Advance?to top

If you know exactly what book or medium you are searching for, you can restrict your simple search in advance by using the drop-down menu on the right below the search bar. Select the appropriate category and type in your search terms.

Can I Use Wildcards?to top

Use wildcards if you want to include spelling variants. "?" represents a single character, "*" none to any number of characters:

nitro* hazard* me?er

Can I Search for Phrases, Special Characters or Shelf Marks?to top

Search for phrases by using quotation marks:

"ecological footprint"

Style your search as a phrase if you need to use special characters such as brackets in it:

"histoire(s)" cinema

Shelf marks and classification codes can be searched using the simple search mode. They are best searched as phrases:

"HI 3421"

"0530 00068 001"

We do recommend, however, to use the advanced search mode for this type of search.

You Did not Succeed with Your Search?to top

We are happy to help you with your bibliographic research. Please, contact our information desk or drop us a note.
Guidance and Information

Are Boolean Operators and Brackets Supported?to top

Use appropriate operators (default operator is AND). Note that operators must be in capital letters:

plant NOT organic

Group your search terms using brackets:

global* (klimawandel OR warming)

How Do I Refine My Search?to top

Long hit lists can be easily reduced by selecting search facets in the right-hand sidebar. The facet sections can be collapsed or expanded. The most commonly used facets are displayed from the outset; the less common ones can be unfolded by clicking on them.