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Licensed Electronic Resources

Licensed Electronic Resources Outside the TU Dresden Campus

Location-independent access to licensed databases, electronic journals and e-books is only granted to TU Dresden members.

The SLUB provides fee-based databases, electronic journals and e-books within the range of the SLUB's and the TU Dresden's IP adresses. These online services are available to SLUB users inside the SLUB facilities and members of the TU Dresden within the campus.

Additionally, TU Dresden members can access these online services from outside the campus net - from their workplace at home or abroad. Make use of one of the subsequent possibilities:

Authentication via SLUB user account


  • You are in possession of a valid SLUB library card and
  • You are a member of the TU Dresden.

This service is available via DBoD - Databases on Demand - recognizable by the following URL:

Please log on to your SLUB user account on the SLUB Homepage:

The system recognizes your affiliation to the SLUB and the TU Dresden.

Accessing the Data Network of the TU Dresden via VPN Client

To access the TU Dresden net from your workplace at home or a mobile computer, you can also install a specific client programm which connects via VPN, e.g. Cisco AnyConnect. With the aid of this software, all internet connections are easily supported. After the respective authentication in the VPN client, you are - from a net-technical perspective - a part of the data network of the TU Dresden. Consequently, you can make use of the services of the SLUB and the TU Dresden.


  • a valid ZIH login,
  • installation (and configuration) of a respective client program.