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Writing and Publishing

Academic Writing

Writing an academic paper usually includes several phases: idea, orientation, searching, structuring, first draft, and revision. The SLUB supports and advices you professionally in the search of scientific literature and the writing of academic texts.

For library users who are working on a final paper, we offer 43 carrels in our Central Library. They can be rented free of cost for 3 months. Group work and seminars are possible in one of our group working rooms.

Citation and Good Scientific Practice

An essential part of scientific communication in general, and good scientific practice in particular, is citation. Proverbially "on the shoulders of giants", citations directly relate personal scientific work to the findings and results of others. Citation is only one building block in the entire process of scientific work, which ranges from the development of a research question, research and data collection, analysis and interpretation to the formulation and publication of results. The conscious and careful handling of sources (literature, but also data series or research results) is essential at every point of the research process. The SLUB offers a wide range of support here. This includes:

    You will find detailed information in the subsection Citation & Good Scientific Practice

    Reference Management

    Reference Management Software supports a specific area of academic work.
    Our comparison describes some software tools like Zotero, Citavi and Mendeley.
    We offer trainings (in german) for dealing with this tools.
    If you have specific questions, you can book an individual counselling appointment in our Knowledge bar.

    Publish in open access with the SLUB

    Open Access stands for free access to scientific publications on the internet. In order to make the research achievements of the TU Dresden and publications from Saxony visible worldwide, the SLUB offers various services. These include:

    Get in touch! We are happy to help.


    Bibliometrics examines scientific publications and their citations using quantitative methods. Bibliometric analyses compare the publication performance of scientists, research groups and institutions.
    With our various services, we support you in publication and citation analyses:

    • How can I determine my personal h-index?
    • In which journal should I publish to get the most exposure in my field?
    • How can I judge the quality of a scientific journal?
    • How is the impact factor of a journal calculated? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it?
    • Which data sources can I effectively use for citation analyses in my field?