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Journals and Newspapers


Printed issues of journals can be found in the SLUB Dresden Central Library, Level -1 as well as in other SLUB locations. Current issues are located in the appropriate display boxes, and a large selection of bound previous issues are also freely accessible to users. Older issues, which are not kept in open-access areas, may be ordered from the closed stacks via the SLUB catalogue.

Electronic journals are searchable via the SLUB catalogue as well. The Electronic Journal Database (EZB) lists all of the electronic journals that are available via the SLUB, including specific information concerning which issues the SLUB has licensed for use. In addition, you can research all journals that are freely accessible in the Internet.

The Journal Database (ZDB) provides extensive information concerning print and electronic journals. Information regarding other libraries’ collections is also presented there, as well as substantial information with respect to previous or later titles of specific journals.

Daily and Weekly Newspapers

The current print issues of newspapers are kept in the Central Library as well as at the Drepunct location. Daily and weekly newspapers are kept for the current month as well as up to three months from their date of publication. Many of the currently held daily newspapers can also be referenced online and as microform versions.

More than 1,700 international daily newspapers are available in electronic form and researchable via the SLUB catalogue.

Numerous other electronic versions of newspapers can be access via the Database Information System DBIS.