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Researching like a Pro in Subject Databases

Are your search results with our catalogue not quite what you expected? Do you want literature that you haven't been able to find so far?
Are you specifically looking for journal articles, conference reports, dissertations/theses or standards on certain topics?

Then the DBIS database information system is the right place for you! Here you can search in a variety of databases that specialise in different subject areas.

What advantages do subject databases offer you?

  • Targeted and linked searches for keywords, (partial) titles, authors, time periods, etc.
  • Data sources not yet included in the catalogue
  • Precise bibliographic information, which may link to our catalogue or to electronic full texts
  • Export of results into literature management programs such as Zotero, Citavi, Mendeley, etc.
  • Results outside of the SLUB Dresden holdings
  • Convenient access within the SLUB and the TU Dresden campus or even from home