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Open Access Funding

The funding programme of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for Open Access publications has changed considerably in 2022: The former fund for Open Access publications at TU Dresden, which was started in 2013 and funded by DFG, was replaced by a new programme. You can find further information regarding this change here.

The purpose of the new programme "Open Access Publishing Costs" is to monitor the number and costs of TU Dresden publications in the most centralised, standardised and transparent way possible. You can contribute to this effort by registering your work in the new research information system called "Forschungsinformationssystem" (FIS) at TU Dresden shortly after publication. Please also consider the FIS regulations and the publication guidelines of TU Dresden.

As part of their close co-operation, TU Dresden and SLUB develop structures and workflows for the best possible monitoring of the publications which are financed centrally by SLUB as well as the publications which are financed by the institutes at TU Dresden.

Since the 1 January 2022, article processing charges (APCs) for journal articles will be funded if the following requirements are met:

  • Your article has to be published in one of the fully open access or hybrid journals for which SLUB has concluded a framework or transformation agreement.
  • You are a TU Dresden affiliate and as corresponding author responsible for covering the APCs of the article. This affiliation must be indicated accordingly in the publication's affiliation details (if there is more than one affiliation, please name the TU Dresden first). Please note: publications by visiting scholars at TU Dresden can no longer be funded.
  • The quality of the article has to be reviewed in a professional and accepted process according to the scholarly standards. In general, this also includes Open Peer Review, Post Publication Peer Review, Community Peer Review or similar processes as long as there is an opportunity for verification and correction during or after the publication process.
  • Your article has to be published under a CC-BY or CC-BY-ND licence. A CC-BY-NC (NC= non commercial) licence is not eligible to funding by DFG.
  • Your article should have a DOI attributed to it and should be linked to your ORCiD-Profile.

Framework and transformation agreements