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Room M1 - Makerspace

Room M1 is our studio where all machines, devices, and tools for practical work have their place. In addition, you have access to the Makerspace key texts section. In order to use the devices independently, users can get a Device License and make an appointment to use a machine or a device during opening hours. For further information, please consult our page for booking devices. You can find an overview over available equipment here.

Where: Bereichbibliothek DrePunct

Room M2 - The room for groups

Due to the current situation Makerspace room M2 cannot be used.

Room M2 is a further room for larger groups of 25-30 persons. The room offers space and seating for first development of ideas and project meetings. A beamer and partition walls ensure a successful working atmosphere. If you would like to book room M2 for your event, please look for a free slot in our room calendar. We are looking forward to your booking request via our contact form.

Where: Bereichbibliothek DrePunct

Room M3 - The Mediaspace

From digitization to video-production - room M3 is available to you in the central library. The vinyl record digitizer is one of the first devices you can use. If you are interested, please look for a free slot in our calendar and book a meeting with our experts.

Where: central library

Makerspace Carrel

In the departmental library DrePunct there are two closed carrels which can be used free of charge. They are available for projects with links to the Makerspace. The carrels are made available for groups of max. 3 persons for the duration of a semester. The carrels contain desks, chairs, 24" monitors, open shelves, and cabinets with a lock.

Which conditions have to be met in order to use the carrels?

The Makerspace Carrels are available for projects with a link to the Makerspace. Knowledge transfer and exchange are at the centre of creative work at Makerspace. Users can learn from other users and share their know-how. We therefore reserve the right to have you present your project during one of our events or on the SLUBlog.

Contact form

Currently there is one carrel available for use until 23.03.2021. You can apply for using the Makerspace carrel with your project via our contact form.

Please send the following information to us:

  • Name and user number
  • a description of your project
  • time span for your project
  • room requirements

The Makerspace department will process your request and you will receive notice within a week.

Photostudio Carrel

The photostudio carrel is part of the Makerspace and can be used without previous booking during Makerspace opening hours. The prerequisite for using the carrel is a valid SLUBcard and a valid certificate for safety at work instructions.

In this carrel you can find a photography table, stands and daylight lights with various top pieces. The key to the studio is in Makerspace room M1, where you can additionally borrow cameras (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) with lenses.