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This page offers an overview over exhibitions, events, and regular workshops at and with SLUB Makerspace. You can find current dates and sign up for events and workshops via our event calendar.


SLUB Makerspace MeetUp!

Das SLUB Makerspace Meet up! is a series taking place once a month. Here we exchange about technologies and tools at Makerspace, DIY-projects and trends, and connect to create shared projects and workshops.

No previous knowledge is needed to join.

If you would like to present an exciting project to an interested audience, or if you want to exchange on a certain topic, Maik Jähne will gladly receive your e-mail.


Blender Basics Workshop

You would like to model your own 3D-objects, but you don't know how?

In the Basics Workshop "User interface, modes, modelling: introduction to the 3D graphics suite Blender 2.8x" we teach the basics needed to realize your own 3D-projects. You will get to know Blender and its user interface, and get an idea what to use it for. In addition, in groups, you will create a simple scene with 3D objects, add a simple animation to it and render it (see example below). At the end of the workshop you will be able to present your first Blender project to the other participants.


Photo rendered using Renderer Cycles - CC BY 2.0 Melanie Kaiser
Find the animation under

You can find dates for the workshop in our event calendar.

3D-Print-Workshop with wooden materials

Synthetic plastic is widely used in 3D printing. However, these materials are not sustainable. This is why the chair for Wood and Fibre Material Technology (German: Holz und Fasertechnik, HFT) researches renewable raw materials.

As a window into the current research scene SLUB Makerspace invites you to explore wooden, or fibrous materials for FDM during the open workshop hours and to try out new ideas with bio-based sustainable materials yourself. We further invite you to exchange and discuss with other users and researchers directly.

Please contact for questions concerning 3D printing with fibrous materials.