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Foam Cutter

I would like to... the Foam Cutter

A valid Foam Cutter licence and a valid SLUBcard are prerequisites for using the Foam Cutter.

  1. Find a free slot in the Foam Cutter calendar
  2. .
  3. Appointment request Foam Cutter.
    Please send us the following information:
    • User number and name
    • Appointment request: date, time
    • Description of the object
    • Quantity
    • File (*.DWG, *.DXF)

...know more about service fees

Using the Foam Cutter is free of charge.

...get the Foam Cutter License

You can learn about all the basics in the e-tutorial. Once you have passed the test you will be able to attend the on-site tutorial at Makerspace.
You can find dates for on-site tutorials in our event calendar.

...prepare for my booked appointment
  • What will I need to bring to the appointment? Please bring the following:
    • Your valid SLUBcard
    • A USB-drive with a separate file (*.dxf, or *.dwg) for each plate you want to cut.
    • The material you want to cut with the Foam Cutter
    • A valid certificate for safety at work instructions
  • Which materials can be cut with the Foam Cutter? You can find out more in our e-tutorial.
  • How should the files look like? You can find more information on how your files should look like in our e-tutorial.