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3D-Printer Gypsum

I would like to... the 3D-Printer Gypsum
  1. Make an appointment request for the 3D-Printer Gypsum.
    Please send us the following information:
    • User number and name
    • Date you want your object to be ready for collection
    • A description of your object (dimensions X Y Z-axis), quantity
    • A separate file (* .STL) for each object (more than one file can be sent as .zip-archive, max. size 10MB, or send us a link to your cloud storage)
  2. Book an appointment for a consultation hour.
    We will discuss the parameters and the date for the print. The consultation should take place at the latest 5 business days prior to the date you want to collect your object.

...know more about service fees

Fees are calculated according to the machine running time.

TimeFee levelFees
0min <= 20minLevel 11 * 1,00€
20min <= 40minLevel 22 * 1,00€ = 2,00€
40min <= 60minlevel 33 * 1,00€ = 3,00€
each n * 20minLevel nn * 1,00€

...prepare for my booked consultation hour
  • What do I need to bring to the consultation hour? Please bring the following:
    • Your valid SLUBCard
    • A USB-drive with a separate file (* .STL; or * .vrml for colour prints) for each object you would like to print
  • Which printer is available? We print on Projet 460 Plus.

I Consult You

Porträt von Bastian Elsner
Bastian Elsner

Bastian Elsner arbeitet im Makerspace als Technischer Mitarbeiter und berät zu den Themen "Additive Fertigung" und "Manuelle Bearbeitung". Er hat den Beruf des Metallbauers erlernt und ist Staatlich geprüfter Techniker für Maschinentechnik.



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