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3D Gypsum Printer

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Anfragen inkl. der zu druckenden Dateien im .stl-Format zum 3D-Gipsdruck mindestens eine Woche vor dem Abholdatum (Zeitpunkt bis wann die Objekte gedruckt sein müssen) gestellt werden müssen. Die dazugehörige Sprechstunde muss spätestens 5 Werktage vor dem Abholdatum stattfinden.

I would like to... the 3D-Printer Gypsum

  1. Make an appointment request for the 3D-Printer Gypsum.
    Please send us the following information:
    • User number and name
    • Date you want your object to be ready for collection
    • A description of your object (dimensions X Y Z-axis), quantity
    • A separate file (* .STL) for each object (more than one file can be sent as .zip-archive, max. size 10MB, or send us a link to your cloud storage)
  2. Book an appointment for a consultation hour.
    We will discuss the parameters and the date for the print. The consultation should take place at the latest 5 business days prior to the date you want to collect your object.

...know more about service fees

Fees are calculated according to the machine running time.

TimeFee levelFees
0min <= 20minLevel 11 * 1,00€
20min <= 40minLevel 22 * 1,00€ = 2,00€
40min <= 60minlevel 33 * 1,00€ = 3,00€
each n * 20minLevel nn * 1,00€

...prepare for my booked consultation hour

  • What do I need to bring to the consultation hour? Please bring the following:
    • Your valid SLUBCard
    • A USB-drive with a separate file (* .STL; or * .vrml for colour prints) for each object you would like to print
  • Which printer is available? Our printer is Projet 460 Plus.

...ask for advice on my project