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Open Access Week 2016


Copyright issues & impact of Open Access journals - Publishing in the context of Open Science

Participants will gain a basic understanding of copyright issues from a point of view of publishing researchers. The event will shed light on Open Access in relation to established ways of publishing with publishers like Elsevier, Springer and others – what aspects of copyright are important and what aspects should be considered when signing a contract? Closely linked to these questions are issues relating to the impact or repudiation of Open Access journals as well as established journals in specific subjects. How visible are they? How are research results published there received by the research community? Participants will also get to know bibliometric methods that help identifying Open Access journals for potential publication. To round things up, we will introduce our services for researchers who plan to publish in Open Access journals.

SLUB Dresden, Makerspace M2 at Departmental Library DrePunct, Zellescher Weg 17
Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016; 2 – 3.30 pm (English): Registration
Thursday, Oct 27, 2016; 2 – 3.30 pm (German): Registration