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Open Access Week 2014

This year’s international Open Access Week will take place on 20-26 October. Institutions worldwide will be promoting Open Access publishing with many events and activities.

The SLUB is joining these activities with a variety of events, at which you can also learn more about our and the TU Dresden’s Open Access offers.


"Early career researchers and Open Access"

We will kick off the Open Access Week with an open workshop for scholars of TU Dresden. Different tables will be set up to discuss a variety of aspects regarding Open Access with experts of TU and SLUB Dresden: Which funding instruments do exist for Open Access articles? What legal aspects should be taken into account? Which platforms and journals are suitable for Open Access publications? How can early career researchers profit from Open Access? Come and discuss these and other topics with us, we are eager to listen to your point of views!

Date/Time: Monday, 20 October, 5 – 7.30 pm
Venue: SLUB Dresden, Lecture Hall in Central Library


Open Access — Copyright and publishing — The quality and impact of Open Access journals

Participants will gain a basic understanding of copyright issues from a point of view of publishing researchers. The event will shed light on Open Access in relation to established ways of publishing with publishers like Elsevier, Springer and others – what aspects of copyright are important and what aspects should be considered when signing a contract? Closely linked to these questions are issues relating to the impact or repudiation of Open Access journals as well as established journals in specific subjects. How visible are they? How are research results published there received by the research community? Participants will also get to know bibliometric methods that help identifying Open Access journals for potential publication. To round things up, we will introduce our services for researchers who are considering publishing Open Access.

Date/Time 1 (English): Tuesday, 21 October, 4 – 5.30 pm
TU Dresden, Graduiertenakademie, Seminar room, Mommsenstr. 7

Date/Time 2 (German): Thursday, 23 October, 2 – 3.30 pm
TU Dresden, Graduiertenakademie, Seminar room, Mommsenstr. 7

Guided tour

From analogue to digital — How digital media are born

The SLUB does not only want to make born digital documents freely available but also valuable older collections. The SLUB’s many digitization projects are undertaken at the Dresden Digitization Centre (DDZ). Library users can also take advantage of the SLUB’s digitization service. eBooks on Demand (EOD) allows everyone to choose a title, published between 1500 and 1900, from the SLUB’s catalogue and have it digitized and order it as a facsimile print. These titles will subsequently be made available freely as part of the digital collection. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know the DDZ’s workflow and its various digitization projects in a half-an-hour guided tour.

Date/Time: Wednesday, 22 October, 4 – 5 pm
Meeting point: SLUB Dresden, Central Library, Foyer