3D plastic printer

With our 3D plastic printer you have the possibility to print complete objects easily. For example, you can use a ready-to-print template from the Internet, construct an object using a CAD program, or digitize a real object using the 3D scanner. The 3D printer then builds the object of your choice layer by layer from liquid plastic.

I would like to...

...book the 3D plastic printer

Users without a device licence Please provide us with the following information via the contact form:

  • User number and name
  • Appointment request: Date, time (free dates are in the device calendar Ultimaker 2 Extended+ - "Benno".
  • Description of the object (dimensions X Y Z-axis), filament, quantity
  • Information about the project, purpose and use of the object (necessary to determine the printing time)
  • per object a separate file in *.stl format (several files as .zip archive, max. size 10MB or link to cloud storage space)

Users with a device licence You can independently reserve the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ - "Carlo" and Ultimaker 2 Extended+ - "Diego" for one time slot in the morning and afternoon per week, at least two days before the start time and up to 14 calendar days in advance.

Your booking is only valid if it has been approved by Team Makerspace. For this, we must have the models to be printed in *.stl format. Please send us the files via our contact form. If they are not received by us 24 hours before the start date, the reservation will be cancelled. In the course of the system changeover, not all users with an equipment licence have yet been activated for independent booking. If you are affected, please log into the booking system with your user number and password and send us an e-mail. We will activate your account as soon as possible.

...inform me about the costs

You can find all information about the costs on the Fees Makerspace page.

...obtain the 3D plastic printing equipment licence.

You will learn all the basics in the e-tutorial. By passing the knowledge test, you will be activated for the on-site training in the Makerspace. You can find the relevant dates in our event calendar.

...prepare my booked appointment

Please bring the following with you to the appointment:

  • your valid SLUBcard
  • the objects to be printed on a USB stick (please bring a separate file in *.stl format for each object)
  • a valid health and safety certificate (exception: if you have booked a supervised appointment, you do not need a health and safety certificate).

We work with the slicer Ultimaker Cura. Please refer to the technical details of the 3D plastic printers in the Makerspace for the version used.

A list of filaments provided by the Makerspace can be found in our e-tutorial.

Please refer to the illustration for the dimensions of the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ build space.

...let me advise you

Do you need help with the implementation of your project? Then book an appointment at our knowledge bar. Our experts will be available to talk to you personally for about 30 minutes about your specific project. There are no costs for you.