3D plaster printer

Our 3D plaster printer allows you to print three-dimensional objects, for example to produce a prototype or individual components. A specially prepared plaster is used as the starting material.

3D-Gipsdrucker außer Betrieb

Aufgrund einer technischen Störung steht der 3D-Gipsdrucker derzeit nicht zur Verfügung. An der Behebung der Störung wird gearbeitet. Einen genauen Zeitpunkt wann der 3D-Gipsdrucker wieder funktionsfähig ist, können wir Ihnen im Moment nicht nennen. Für die Unannehmlichkeiten bitten wir um Entschuldigung.

How to get your objects ready on the desired date Please send us your request incl. the files to be printed in *.stl format at least one week before the date on which the objects must be printed. The corresponding consultation must take place at least five working days before this date.

I would like to...

...book the 3D plaster printer

First of all, please make an appointment request for the plaster printer.

  1. Please provide us with the following information:
    • User number and name
    • Pick-up date: date by which the object must be printed
    • Description of the object (dimensions X Y Z-axis), quantity
    • per object a separate file in *.stl format (several files as .zip archive, max. size 10 MB or link to cloud storage space)Then book an appointment for the consultation hour.
  2. At this appointment we will discuss the printing parameters and the printing date. The booked consultation hour must take place no later than five working days before the collection date.

...inform me about the costs

You can find all information about the costs on the Fees Makerspace page.

...prepare my booked appointment

Please bring the following with you to the appointment:

  • your valid SLUBCard
  • for each object to be printed a separate file in *.stl format or for colour prints in *.vrml format on a USB stick.

We print with Project 460 Plus.

...book an appointment for consultation hours

3D plaster printing consultants Bastian Elsner, Uta Fröhner and Maik Jähne will advise you on your printing requirements and discuss the printing parameters and the printing date with you. If you cannot find an appointment here at the moment, please send us an e-mail via the contact form so that we can arrange an individual appointment with you.

  • Zur Zeit haben wir zu diesem Thema leider keine Angebote.