SLUB offers you free access to technical regulations - digitally and always up to date.


On the Nautos platform, current DIN standards, VDI guidelines, ISO standards and DWA documents are available for viewing in full text. Nautos not only offers you the search for standards, but also serves as a portal for accessing the full texts.

If you are registered at the SLUB (valid SLUBcard or Campuscard), you can use Nautos in the library rooms and on the campus of the TU Dresden. For members of the TU Dresden, off-campus access is also possible via the SLUB user account or via VPN.

How do you search for a document in Nautos?

  • On the Nautos homepage, enter the number of the standard or document in the Document number field (parts of the number are sufficient).
  • Then click on the magnifying glass icon to start the search.
  • Tip: You can limit the search to valid standards ("current") and standards with full text ("with document").

How can you access the full texts?

  • In the short title list, you can recognise documents with full text by the blue icon in the left margin. Clicking on this icon opens the full text.
  • Withdrawn and obsolete standards (recognisable by the red X) are not available in full text.

How can you save the full texts?

  • The full text opens in an integrated PDF reader. To save the full text locally, click on the marked icon.
  • Note: Saving data and full texts from Nautos permanently and making paper copies of them is only permitted for authorised persons for their own scientific use!

VDE Standards Library

The VDE Standards Library gives you direct access to all valid VDE regulations in full text. In addition, extensive bibliographic information is available in each case. The regulations also include all DIN VDE standards. It can only be used in the SLUB Central Library at the desktop workstation BRE038 (near the service counter).

VDE E-Books

With VDE E-Books we also offer you access to selected e-books of the VDE publishing house. If you have a valid SLUBCard, you can access the e-books from anywhere.

TGL Archive Civil Engineering

In the former GDR, the Office for Standardisation set the Technical Standards, Quality Regulations and Delivery Conditions (TGL) from 1955. In contrast to DIN standards, the TGL represented binding standards for tangible and intangible objects. On the initiative of the engineering firm Friedrich Bau & Reko, the TGL archive is accessible and searchable in PDF format. Please note the copyright information.


Older printed standards and regulations (up to publication year 2003)

Documents until 2002 (not complete)

  • DIN standards (withdrawn), no drafts!
  • DIN EN
  • DIN in English translations (DIN 1 to DIN 87901)
  • DIN ETS (300002 to DIN ETS 300814)
  • ISO 5 to 9547 (incomplete, only on microfiche)

Documents until 2003 (not complete)


Documents until 1989 (not complete)

  • TGLs
  • TNL (aviation standards) 00121 - 97102
  • ASMW-VW 1101 to 1510
  • DAMW-VW 1 to 1100
  • GOST (Russian standards) up to number 27417 - in German language
  • ST RGW (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) 101-85 to 6730-89 in Russian language


  • Directory of state standards of the GDR. Volume 1 and 2. 1989
  • Directory of State Standards of the USSR Volumes 1 and 2. 1988

Methodological notes for CMEA standards. 1985

How to use our offer

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