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Terms of Service for Licenced Electronic Journals

  • Access to full texts is only granted to members of the respective institution
  • Full texts of articles may only be printed or filed for personal use and research purposes
  • It is prohibited to systematically download articles or search results, especially by means of robots
  • Articles must not be passed on to third parties, whether in electronic or printed form

Currently, most publishing houses regulate the access to their fee-based online services by verification of the requesting computer's IP address.

It is not allowed to use a proxy server!
In case you are using a computer within the authorized IP range (SLUB Dresden or the TU Dresden campus network), just go to the list and click the journal titles.

Before selecting electronic journals and/or exporting data, please read the terms of service set by the publishing houses/providers. Access to electronic journals is only granted in accordance with the terms of service.