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Research Services

Services Offered

We will find out respective search strategies suitable for your detailed, content-related questions. We will help you find information and literature in domestic and foreign library catalogues and subject databases, advise you when choosing online media, and, when necessary, even carry out your research for you when requested.

The library staff is not authorized to compile literature lists for coursework, theses, dissertations, etc. Since finding appropriate literature on the topic is an essential part of these papers, it has to be carried out by the students themselves. We are also not able to provide legal and medical information as well as expert market reports on books.

Your Research Request

We can only accept written requests for research services. Please use the "Ask for Information" form, or send us your request via fax or post to: SLUB Dresden / Abteilung Benutzung und Information (Reference Department). Please be sure to include your full name and postal address.

After receiving your request, we will contact you. We strive to answer all requests within 7 days of receipt. Please keep in mind that more complex research requests may take more time to complete. As a matter of course, your requests are kept in confidence.

Fees for Research Services

Fee for each commenced hour45.00
Minimum fee15.00

Separate charges for reproductions apply. Fees charged for copies, enlargements, or photos can be found in this Digitization Request Form (PDF, German). Fees for using external services (e.g. for the use of special databases such as STN International , ProquestDialog, or DIMDI) will be charged as well. You will be billed for the time spent on your research request, regardless of whether the information or literature you have requested was found or not.

How Will I Receive the Research Results?

You will be notified when we have completed your research request. The results of our research will be sent to you via e-mail or post. Within our quality check,  a second researcher will review the research results. All research data are supplied without liability.

It is up to you (i.e., the user requesting the research) to adhere to copyright law guidelines.