Technical questions

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I am not a member of the TU Dresden. Can I access licensed electronic resources?

Yes. You can fully access databases, e-journals und e-books at all SLUB locations. To do so, you will need a valid SLUBCARD.
In addition, there are a number of licensed databases and e-books which are available to all users with a valid SLUBCARD from outside the TU Dresden campus.


What does "Access via DBoD" or "Shibboleth" mean?

Access via DBoD - Databases on Demand: The initial access to electronic resources happens through a so called EZproxy-Server that redirects the user to the requested content. In this way, unlimited access to licensed databases is possible also beyond the campus net. When a connection is made via proxy , the URL contains the supplement

Shibboleth: The user signs in with their user number and password. It is checked whether the user is authorized to access location-independent services or licensed contents of several providers.