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Technical questions

Is there Wi-Fi at the SLUB?

Yes. SLUB users have access to Wi-Fi at all library locations. Prerequisites are a valid SLUBCARD or a TU Dresden ZIH login as well as a mobile terminal compatible with Wi-Fi / an integrated or external Wi-Fi adapter.

Where can I scan, copy and print documents?

Printing and copying is possible at all SLUB locations. In most branch libraries it is also possible to scan - except for the branch library of Medicine. Color copies can be produced at the Central Library and the DrePunct. You will need a Copycard to do so.

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How do I get a paper copy of a microfilm?

Paper copies are made by means of a microformat reader printer (re-enlargement device), which is located at the Central Library, level -1. Alternatively, you can have digital copies or scanned images that can be saved on a storage medium. This service is provided by the ACRIBIT copyshop.

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What is the function of the Copycard? Where can I get one?

The Copycard by the company ACRIBIT GmbH is designed for copying, scanning, printing, or remagnifying documents on microfilm or microfiches. You can get a Copycard at the card automate in the foyer of the Central Library or at the branch libraries. There you can also find possibilities to recharge your Copycard  .

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Is it possible to create copies of books that are available for viewing in the special collections reading room?

No, single-handed reproducing is not allowed in the special collections reading room. Reproductions of media (manuscripts, rare prints) that are supposed to be received in the special collections reading room are exclusively produced by the SLUB.

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I am not a member of the TU Dresden. Can I access licensed electronic resources?

Yes. You can fully access databases, e-journals und e-books at all SLUB locations. To do so, you will need a valid SLUBCARD.
In addition, there are a number of licensed databases and e-books which are available to all users with a valid SLUBCARD from outside the TU Dresden campus.

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How can I access licensed electronic resources from home?

Access is only granted to TU Dresden members.
Many databases / e-journals are fee-based and licensed by the SLUB. The access is therefore limited. Members of the TU Dresden can access these resources via VPN or DBoD (Databases on Demand) with their SLUBCARD user number and password.

A certain number of licensed databases and e-books are now available for all users with a valid SLUBCARD from home

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What does "Access via DBoD" or "Shibboleth" mean?

Access via DBoD - Databases on Demand: The initial access to electronic resources happens through a so called EZproxy-Server that redirects the user to the requested content. In this way, unlimited access to licensed databases is possible also beyond the campus net. When a connection is made via proxy , the URL contains the supplement

Shibboleth: The user signs in with their user number and password. It is checked whether the user is authorized to access location-independent services or licensed contents of several providers.

Can I use a PC workstation although I am not a registered SLUB user?

No. SLUB offers, for example our catalog, our Internet pages, the overview of our specialist databases and electronic journals and pages from other providers are available to you after an authentication with user number and password. The only exception is the online user login, which is necessary to become a user of SLUB.

I am visually impaired - is there a PC workstation available for me?

Yes. The PC workstation for the blind and visually impaired is located at the Central Library, level 0, room 0.44. There, the software JAWS - Job Access with Speech is installed. The PC is equipped with a screen reader, a text-to-speech audio reader and a scanner for book edges. Please contact our staff at the Service Counter.

Can I edit my own texts at the library's PC workstations?

Yes. At all PC workplaces there is LibreOffice installed. You can edit own texts, presentations or tables - also if they are created in MicrosoftOffice - via the Viewer. It is important to save the file in your editing format.
Please note: after ten minutes of inactivity the current user will be logged out, following a respective warning. At this point at the latest, all your personal data such as downloads, forms, histories and passwords are permanently deleted.

What do PC workstations at the SLUB offer?

Our PC workstations are based on a Linux Mint system with a Firefox and Google Chrome browser. The language of the system and the application programs can be switched from German to English. Zotero is pre-installed. LibreOffice is available at all workstations. Research results can be sent by email or to a printing station, or can be transferred to a USB flash drive.