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Media Library

The Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB) has an extensive collection of audiovisual objects, which is kept in the Media Library (Mediathek). This collection includes more than 200,000 sound recordings and films from 1896 until now—everything from shellac records to Blu-ray discs.

In addition to industrially produced media that can be checked out, the Media Library also holds a great quantity of rare and unique sound and film recordings in all sorts of formats.
A selection of these historical recordings is made available to the public in the Digital Media Library.

The Media Collection

Central to the Media Library’s pursuits is collecting audiovisual media belonging to so-called Saxonica. In the area of music, the focus is on musical theater and exemplary interpretations of all musical genres, including international performers. The discipline of film is represented from its origins—all sorts of media are collected, from the first motion pictures up to contemporary documentary films dealing with historical topics, with contemporary art and the history of technology.

The Media Library’s collection contains—excluding multiple copies of the same title—approximately 19,000 DVDs, 25,000 VHS cassette tapes, 48,000 CDs, 79,000 LPs and 55,000 shellac discs, as well as many other sound recordings and films—most of which are rare, often unpublished and/or unique copies.

More than 13,000 audiovisual media are available for users in the Central Library, Level -1, open stacks.
All other media must be ordered via the SLUB catalogue.