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Estates in the Stenographic Collection

<p>The Stenographic Collection currently holds 19 estates/partial estates of stenographers, stenographic inventors and stenographic scholars. A total of 187 archive boxes contain mainly autographs such as letters and manuscripts, but also printed works and photographs.</p>>.

<p>The majority of the bequests have so far only been roughly recorded in internal inventories and thus cannot yet be used.</p>

<p>Completely indexed are the <a href="">Kunowski archive</a> with the estates/partial estates of Felix von Kunowski, Arnold Joseph Christoffels and Gottfried Rahn/ Forschungskreis für die Sprechspur as well as the estate of <a href="">Christian Johnen</a>.<br />
The individual documents are listed in the <a href="">Kalliope</a>&nbsp;database and/ or in the respective special directories.<br />
Documents can be made available and used after <a href="t3://page?uid=7402">written pre-registration</a> in the <a href="t3://page?uid=4690">Collections Reading Room</a>.<br />
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