Catalogues of the Stenographic Collection

All new acquisitions since 1993 as well as periodicals in general can be researched and ordered in the SLUB Catalogue. The holdings of the Stenographic Collection are arranged according to a special system. Subject-related research is carried out by entering the desired subject group of the shorthand system in the index "shelf location" of the SLUB catalogue (capital letter - space - small letter).
Selected works on stenography can also be accessed as full text within the framework of the Digital Collections.

To this day, there are old holdings that can only be found in the author or anonymous catalogue. Work on converting the catalogues into electronic form is ongoing.

In addition, special catalogues (service catalogues) are available for reference:

  • Systematic catalogue of locations, arranged according to subject areas or languages in accordance with the Steno system.
  • Keyword catalogue of periodical contents, indexes the German and foreign-language journals for stenography and typewriting
  • Biographical catalogue, lists the personal news published and still to be published in the trade press on, above all, personalities in stenography
  • Autograph catalogue, lists all handwritten shorthand and longhand transcripts of mainly stenographic personalities.
  • Catalogue of portraits or index of illustrations, lists illustrations that have been published scattered in older printed publications.

Printed catalogues of the Stenographic Collection were also published:

Some holdings (such as archival materials or commercial prints) have so far only been roughly recorded in internal inventories. Specific questions will be answered by the responsible subject librarian:

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