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History of the Stenographic Collection

The Stenographic Collection emerged in 1835 from a small collection of books that Franz Jakob Wigard, a student of Franz Xaver Gabelsberger, had acquired for the training of aspiring state parliamentary stenographers.

The collection was supplemented with teaching materials from other stenography systems, parliamentary transcripts, laws, and much more. This expanded collection profile resulted from the tasks of the "Königliches Stenographisches Institut" (later "Stenographisches Landesamt"), founded in 1839, to which the library was affiliated. 
The members of the "Stenographisches Landesamt" had to deal not only with the stenographic recording of parliamentary proceedings, but also with teaching, taking examinations and with scientific and journalistic activities for the dissemination of stenography.

In 1966, with the dissolution of the "Stenographic State Office", the stenographic specialist library was affiliated to the Saxon State Library.

Today, the collection focuses on stenography, typing, word processing and office management.