Tasks of the Stenographic Collection

The Stenographic Collection is the world's largest and most important specialist library of its kind. Its historically grown holdings represent the history of the development of stenography in a unique way.
As a special collection of the SLUB Dresden, it represents a particularly valuable cultural asset worthy of protection. The Law on the Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library of 30 June 1995 under § 2, point 2, states:
"Its [SLUB's] tasks include: Collection, maintenance and scientific care of the valuable holdings of Saxon, national and international literature and book culture as well as special collections, in particular music sources, manuscripts, maps, stenographic writings, image and sound carriers."
Acquisitions are made in the two main areas of shorthand and typing/word processing, as well as in special selections in the secondary areas of shorthand, writing, linguistics and political science. For the subject areas of stenography and typing/word processing, international completeness is aimed at. With regard to the other areas, German-language literature is the main focus, with a selection in English or French.