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for Science and Culture of the Free State of Saxony

for Science and Culture of the Free State of Saxonyto top

With supplementary budget funds, the Free State of Saxony financially supports the digitization of collections of academic and public libraries as well as of significant written material from further cultural and research institutions. For the purposes of research and teaching as well as for the public at large, the program aims at providing a preferably broad online access to information and objects of cultural and scientific heritage of the Free State of Saxony.

The State Digitization Program for Science and Culture is coordinated by the SLUB and encompassses three areas:

  1. Licensing of digital media (consortium of Saxon university libraries)
  2. Digitization of valuable written materials and cultural artifacts in Saxony
  3. Digital long-term archiving

The following information basically concern the guidelines 2 and 3 for retrospective digitization and long-term availability. For more information on the work of the consortium of Saxon university libraries, please see the websites of the Arbeitsgruppe Erwerbungskoordinierung. Besides the comprehensive digitization of significant 19th and 20th century collections, also particularly smaller institutions with valuable objects that are usually not equipped with a sufficient infrastructure for digitization are meant to receive broad support in the context of the State Digitization Program.

    Services Provided by the SLUBto top

    Consulting, Coordination and Services

    Within the framework of its Branch Office Digital Library, the SLUB among others takes on the following tasks:

    • Advice on prerequisites of participation (metadates, licensing, presentation etc.)
    • Help with clarification of copyrights and rights of use
    • Support with selecting works for digitization
    • Competitive tendering procedure and placing with digitization service providers

    The digitization and presentation of objects is generally implemented by the workflow software Kitodo. Kitodo is an open source, multi-platform and licence-free software.

    Due to its high flexibility, it is suitable for different digitization strategies and scalable business models. Kitodo guarantees a smooth transfer of digital copies to national and international research and presentation tools, like, for example, the DFG-Viewer, the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, or the Europeana.

    Long-term Archiving

    As archive library of the Free State of Saxony, the SLUB complies with its legal order to provide a long-time availability of digital objects.

    Following this stipulation, all objects digitized within the context of the State Digitization Program for Science and Culture are archived and preserved on a long-term basis in the SLUB. For more information, also on technical elements of long-term archiving, please see this link.

    Contact Personsto top

    With all questions concerning project parameters, digitization intentions, technical and content-related prerequisuites, please refer the team of the Branch Office Digital Library of the SLUB Dresden. Feel free to contact us - we are happy to advise you.


    Simone Georgi, Julia Meyer, Annika-Valeska Walzel
    We look forward to your message: