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Ordering and Using Manuscripts, Music Manuscripts, Rare and Special Prints

Special Collections Reading Room reopens! On 25 May 2020, the Special Collections Reading Room was reopened with restricted services to the public. We are now able to offer access to manuscripts, musical manuscripts and handwritten documents from the Stenographic Collection.

Please order your desired items with at least two working days’ notice using our contact form at or by phone at 0351 4677-514.

We will then arrange an individual appointment with you within the opening hours. The Special Collections Reading Room is open from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Please send any inquiries regarding the archive holdings of the Deutsche Fotothek to: We will then arrange an appointment with you if necessary.

While you are in the Special Collections Reading Room, please ensure that you follow the following hygiene regulations: keep your distance, wash your hands regularly and wear a face mask that covers both your nose and mouth (compulsory).

Manuscripts can be ordered with a library order form or in writing, using our contact form.

The use of manuscripts is only possibly in-house in the special collections reading room (Floor -1). Because of a limited number of reading places we recommend a registration. Die ordered manuscripts are available approximately 4 hours after placing the order or at the agreed date.

Searching and Using Maps

If you do not find all maps in the electronic catalog please note that up until today some maps are only searchable in card catalogs with the assistance of the library staff.

  • Alphabetical Catalog (by title and author)
  • Systematical Catalog (in geographic order)
  • Catalog of draughtsman, engraver and editor for the old stock

Maps which are cataloged electronically can be ordered online. In all other cases please fill out a library order form. Online orders as well as written orders are usually processed within 4 hours. Orders which we receive after 13:00 on Friday are available the following Monday at 11:00. The lending time is 4 weeks but parts of the collection are only available for in-house use. The lending is not possible at the central lending desk.

Maps in the Central Library

Please register in the special collections reading room in floor -1. From there we will guide you to the map reading room in floor -2.

Opening hours of the map reading room in the central library

Maps in the Departmental Library DrePunct

are to be found in the map reading room of the Deparmental Library DrePunct. This building is directly opposite of the Central Library.

Opening hours of the map reading room DrePunct

Searching and Using Audiovisual Media

Up until the end of 1999 audiovisual media was cataloged in a differentiated system of card catalogs, consisiting of the following components:

  • Alphabetical Catalog, sorted by composer or author and by title
  • Catalog of title and text beginnings of single works
  • Catalog of interpreters
  • Systematical Catalog, sorted by time of origin and genre of the works

Beginning in 2000 new acquisitions of all audiovisual media (av-media) have been cataloged in the SLUB-Catalog. A major part of the modern av-media is shelved open-access according to a special classification (PDF) and is lendable. For in-house use we offer 14 audio and video places and 5 av-media-carrels. We produce rerecordings of archived stock for in-house use.

The technical equipment corresponds with the diversity of archived av-media to enable the conversion into common formats. For this purpose as well as for the restauration and conservation of historical stock we operate a soundlab and a videolab.

Loan Requests

If you plan an exhibition with works of our stock please take not of these information.