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History of the Music Department

Head Librarian Friedrich Adolf Ebert consolidates the various scattered "musica theoretica" and "musica practica" of the Royal Public Library to create a »Musicalischen Abtheilung« (Music Department).

16th and 17th century music from church, school and city council libraries in Saxony are deposited in the library for storage.

King Albert of Saxony donates his Royal Private Music Collection to the library.

Music from the Hofkapelle Dresden is given to the library by the Catholic court church.

Now belonging to the Saxon State Library, the Music Department acquires music from the Staatsoper Dresden’s historical collection.

The destruction of the Japanese Palace, which the library had been housed since 1786, means a near total loss of more recent music in the collection. The collection of musical source material mostly manages to survive the war, albeit with damage or relocation to the Soviet Union.

After moving in 1947 to a new building at Marienallee 12, the Music Department is reopened.

The first volumes of the annual directories »Bibliographie Musik« and »Zeitgenössisches Musikschaffen in der DDR« are published.

The Saxon State Library becomes the Central Library of the GDR for Art and Music.

In the newly established Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB), the Music Department is part of the Special Collections Department.