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Using the Media Library

The Media Library (Level -1) is open to the public and free of charge. Please consult the SLUB Dresden Rules and Regulations for details.

The audiovisual (AV) media held in the Media Library is listed in the SLUB catalogue. A major part of the modern AV media is organized in the open stacks according to a special system (PDF, German), and may be checked out. For viewing/listening to non-borrowable media, the library provides 14 workstations and 1 AV media carrel. For some of the media from the archives, it is possible to have a copy made for use in the library.

Until the end of 1999, the collection of recordings was catalogued according to a conventional, yet differentiated system consisting of the following components:

  • Alphabetic catalogue, arranged by composer/author as well as by title,
  • Index of titles and first lines,
  • Catalogue of artists/interpreters, arranged by vocalist and/or instrumentalist and supplemented by an index of all persons involved,
  • Systematic catalogue arranged by date of recording and genre.

Efforts to retro-convert (replace or duplicate) the card catalogues are continuously underway.

The range of the AV media in our archives reflects the equipment available for converting these recordings into common playback formats. A sound and video lab is maintained for this purpose, as well as for the restoration and preservation of historical recordings.