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The Mission of the Media Library

The Media Library (Mediathek) holds the extensive collection of audiovisual media belonging to the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB). To the same extent as much of the printed matter in our holdings, the audio and visual recordings/films in this collection represent a considerable contribution to the presentation, conservation and understanding of world cultural and social heritage.
For the Free State of Saxony (Freistaat Sachsen), the Media Library is not only an important center dedicated to the collection and long-term archiving of audiovisual media, but to providing the academic community with access to these media for use in teaching and research as well.

Corresponding to the items in its collection, the Media Library consists of three functional areas: the record library, the video library, and the film library. Due to the considerably diverse technical and thematic features of this collection, there are various ways to use the audiovisual media. Besides the generous lending collection, there is also an assortment of backup copies of media, which is can only be used with library equipment on SLUB premises.

Please consult our subject specialists or the Deutsche Fotothek (German Photographic Collection) Service for help with your specific needs:


Head of Department (Mediathek), Contact Person for Film
Jürgen Grzondziel
Tel.: +49 351 4677-561
Fax.: +49 351 4677-734


Contact Person for Sound
Kerstin Delang
Tel.: +49 351 4677-561
Fax.: +49 351 4677-734


Deutsche Fotothek (German Photographic Collection) and Media Library Service
Theresa Winkler
Tel.: +49 351 4677-601
Fax: +49 351 4677-736