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History of the Media Library

The first lecture room equipped to play and produce sound recordings was inaugurated at the Saxon State Library in the Japanese Palace, which in the course of remodeling had become one of the most modern facilities of its time.

Destruction of the Japanese Palace means the loss of the first collection of audio recordings, et al.

Start of the new, systematically planned collection in the Music Department of the State Library at Marienallee.

Establishment of a branch library, the first »Student Record Library«, in a student dormitory of the Dresden University of Technology.

With the assistance and cooperation of the staff, renovation of a section of the former Garrison Church, now in secular use, for the record library starts.

Launch of the new library branch in the ground floor of the former church, including a space for events. Collection consists of ca. 32,000 audio recordings.

1977 – 1982
Remodeling of two further stories, to be used for the newly designed user area, et al.

The Music Department’s record library becomes its own department. Collection includes ca. 75,000 audio recordings.

Collection expands to include film and video.

1989 – 1994
Remodeling of another part of the building; user area, record and video libraries are now separate.

Saxon State Library and the Dresden University of Technology Library are joined to form the Saxon State Library – Dresden State and University Library (SLUB). The record library becomes a division of the Department of Special Collections.

The record library moves to the new home of the SLUB at the Zellescher Weg, and is renamed to become the Media Library (Mediathek) Division. Collection contains ca. 200,000 audiovisual media, including 180,000 audio recordings and 20,000 electronic image media.

Acquisition of director and cameraman Ernst Hirsch’s video documenting the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden. Launch of the Digital Media Library.

The Media Library is incorporated into the Deutsche Fotothek (German Photographic Collection) Department. Relaunch of the Digital Media Library.