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About the Collection

The history of technology plays a special role at the SLUB Dresden. When the Saxon State Library and the Dresden University of Technology Library were joined to form the SLUB Dresden, a significant collection of resources for studying, teaching and researching the history of technology was united in one library.

Both the Royal Saxon Library (which later became the Saxon State Library) and the library of the Royal Saxon Academy (predecessor of the University Library) had collected a remarkable amount of literature on technology.

Since 1952, several institutes and professorships for the history of technology have been established at the Dresden Technical University, thus helping the University Library to build its collection of literature in this field.

Ever since the fusion of the two libraries in 1996, this collection has been continually developed and enlarged. Today, the SLUB not only has a first rate collection to be proud of, but an extensive array of digital resources on this subject as well.

An important part of the SLUB’s commitment to this subject area includes the Bibliographie Geschichte der Technik (Bibliography for the History of Technology, or BGT), which has been maintained since 1971 as part of the Fachkatalog Technikgeschichte (special subject catalogue for the History of Technology).

Since 1998, the SLUB has been responsible for the DFG History of Technology special interest collection.