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Conception and Realization of an Efficient Long-Term Archiving

Current Status
This project laid the foundation for the operation of a digital long-term archive at the SLUB. During the introduction stage, basic IT infrastructure was acquired (hardware, systems software, long-term archiving software) and its implementation conceptually prepared. In the second phase, the LTA (long-term archive) system was configured and adjusted on the system as well as on the application level. Various software was developed, tested and brought into service: programs for including and exporting digital documents on the one hand and for securing an accurate performance of the LTA software and the IT system on the other.

The workflow for digitized text documents is activated with the completion of the project. Workflows for other media types are prepared. They will be able to be developed further and brought into service as soon as external requirements are met.

In the course of the project, the SLUB was able to gather much knowlegde and experience in the realm of digital long-time archiving. We cultivated contacts - especially via nestor, the German competence network for digital long-time archiving, and the international group of Rosetta software users. We also communicated our results, e.g. via lectures at the Bibliothekartag 2014 and the publication of open source software originating from the project on GitHub.

With this level accomplished, the SLUB is equipped with a solid foundation for the buildup of a service called "Digital long-time archiving" for other Saxon research institutions.

Further information on digital long-term archiving

2012 - 2014

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