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Library Rules and Regulations

Effective March 1, 2011:

I. Introductory Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Library Rules

The following rules apply for the entire Saxon State and University Library Dresden (hereinafter »SLUB Dresden«), including all its locations (the Central Library and all branch libraries).

§ 2 Library Mission Statement

  1. Not only is the SLUB Dresden the State Library of the Free State of Saxony, but it is the University Library for the Dresden University of Technology (TUD) as well. The library serves as a public academic library of national importance, providing access to a wide range of traditional and electronic resources for teaching and research needs, as well as for other professional and general public use. The SLUB Dresden serves the teaching and research needs of TUD students and staff, providing essential information services as well as study and work spaces. As part of its function as a state library, the SLUB Dresden coordinates library services for the community of Saxon libraries. As a regional library, the SLUB Dresden is dedicated to the preservation of important local history collections and cultural artifacts that deserve attention and care. As a legal deposit (copyright) library for the state of Saxony, items published in Saxon as well as items dealing with Saxony or Saxon history are acquired under the Copyright Act (Pflichtexemplargesetz).

  2. It is the mission of the SLUB Dresden to:
    • Make the media listed below (03.) from the library's collection available to library users,
    • Retrieve media from other libraries, when the desired item is not included in the SLUB Dresden's collection,
    • Assist in obtaining reproductions of media from the library's own collection as well as from other libraries,
    • Provide access to information found in library catalogs, media and databases,
    • Raise public awareness of the library and its services,
    • Offer information, instruction and training courses using conventional and electronic services,
    • Present Internet electronic media in an appropriate form,
    • Develop community outreach programs and public platforms,
    • Create publications dealing with the library's collection and services.

  3. Media as defined by these Regulations are: books, newspapers, magazines, journals, manuscripts, prints, reproductions, maps, sheet music, microforms, audiovisual materials, electronic media, and online resources (digital images as well as online information and communication services), as well as other items which are intended for use.

II. General Library Terms of Use

§ 3 Legal Information

These Terms of Use are are a legal contract, which is primarily regulated by public law. In special cases, agreements may be reached which are subject to private law.

§ 4 Agreeing to Terms of Use

By entering the facilities of the SLUB Dresden or by using its services, you are agreeing to be legally bound by the following Terms of Use. A copy of these Terms of Use is available at the registration desk and on the SLUB Dresden website.

§ 5 Privacy Policy

  1. All personal information is confidential and will be handled according to the terms defined in the Saxon Data Protection Act (Sächsische Datenschutzgesetz). According to this law, personal information may only be collected, stored, maintained and used when necessary for carrying out library transactions, e.g. for borrowing and requesting media, for using online services, wireless local area network and public computer work spaces, or for requesting further library services. The SLUB Dresden may only pass on a user's personal information to others when necessary and permissible by the terms defined in the Saxon Data Protection Act.

  2. Upon registering as a library user, the user agrees to allow the library to collect and to electronically store the following information:
    • Personal data (e.g. name, address, e-mail address, etc.),
    • Information regarding the user's circulation activity (e.g. checked-out media and loan periods, fees, borrowing history, etc.).
  3. Information regarding user account suspension will remain on record for one year, subsequently removed from our records.

  4. When a person is no longer an active user of the library, his/her records will be removed after a period of six years, as long as the user has no outstanding library debts or other commitments.

  5. Users may request a copy of their personal library records at any time.

  6. The library utilizes human, technical and organizational resources to maintain the user's data security. 

§ 6 User Eligibility

  1. To be eligible for borrowing privileges and access to the services listed in § 2/02 of this document and in § 2/paragraph 2 of the Saxon law governing this library (SächsLBG) , you must be a legal person under private law (hereinafter "user") or a public institution (hereinafter "corporate user") and have an active user account.

  2. The user / corporate user and the library are bound by a legal agreement, defined in these Terms of Use.

§ 7 User Account: Registration, Approval and Termination Procedures 

  1. The use of public areas in the SLUB Dresden is permitted to unregistered users. However, in order to request media from the library's closed stacks, to borrow media for use outside the library, to request media from another library, to use electronic resources, such as the wireless local area network or SLUB Dresden library services, the user must be registered and have an active user account.

  2. Users must be at least 14 years of age to register for a user account.

  3. User registration must be carried out in person at the library. The user must provide current identification (e.g. identity card, student ID card or passport) as well as proof of residence.

  4. Persons under 16 years of age must bring the library user registration form signed by a parent or legal guardian when registering in person. In addition, the following documents must be presented (copies permitted):
    • Parent's or legal guardian's identity card, or 
    • Parent's or legal guardian's passport, together with an official proof of residence.
  5. The SLUB Dresden may require a personal and absolute guarantee from persons who cannot prove residence within the European Union.  In such cases, the guarantor may not be an employee of the SLUB Dresden. For affidavits of support, the SLUB Dresden may request a notarized copy.

  6. Legal persons under private law and public institutions are permitted to apply for borrowing privileges, provided the application form is filled out by a person authorized to sign for the user (parent or legal guardian or authorized member of an institution), and this person can present identification when personally handing in the application form.

  7. Upon approval of the application, the user will receive a library card, which remains the property of the SLUB Dresden and is not transferable to other individuals. In some cases, the library card may issued on a temporary basis or subject to special conditions. In these cases, the library card will no longer be valid if the applicant fails to adhere to the SLUB Library Rules and Regulations.
  8. Corporate users do not have rights beyond those of individual users. The corporate user's special status is simply a matter of technical and organizational consequence.

  9. All library users are advised to keep their contact information (i.e. residential address, e-mail address) updated to ensure receipt of all library notifications.  The user will be responsible for covering any costs incurred due to his/her failure to update this contact information.

  10. All library users are advised to report a lost or stolen library card immediately. The user will be responsible for all items charged out on his/her card until he/she has notified the SLUB Dresden that it is missing.

  11. At the end of the library user's membership period, all borrowed media as well as the library card must be returned and all outstanding charges must be paid. Even after returning the library card, the user will still be responsible for paying all outstanding charges accrued during the membership period.

§ 8 Rules of the House and Enforcement of Terms of Use

  1. According to householder's rights, the Director General has the right to investigate and prosecute violations of any of these Terms of Use. He may also authorize SLUB employees to uphold and enforce these house rules.

  2. The SLUB Dresden is authorized to install security devices and to perform security checks, in particular concerning items brought onto the SLUB Dresden premises. All users must allow SLUB Dresden security personnel to inspect all items carried on their person, if requested to do so.

  3. SLUB Dresden personnel are authorized to ask library users to show their library card and/or their identification card, as well as to show the contents of any bags, folders and/or other containers they are carrying on their person.

  4. Users must show their library card when borrowing media and must be prepared to present their library card to SLUB Dresden personnel if asked to do so.

§ 9 Library Code of Conduct

  1. Library users are to behave in ways that do not conflict with the goals of the SLUB Dresden, as defined in § 2 (Library Mission Statement, above). Users may not cause a disturbance or engage in any behavior which interferes  with the rights of other users, nor may a library user's behavior endanger others.

  2. For the duration of the library user's stay on the SLUB Dresden premises, all jackets, umbrellas, folders, bags, etc. are to be kept in the lockers provided for this purpose, unless specifically allowed and clearly indicated.

  3. In all public areas of the SLUB Dresden, users are expected to be quiet and considerate of others. Animals may not be brought into the library, except when accompanying persons with disabilities.

  4. Smoking is prohibited in all library buildings – including restrooms, hallways and entrance areas, stairwells, etc.

  5. Eating and drinking in the library is prohibited, except where specifically allowed and clearly indicated.

  6. Special permission from the Director General is required for photography, filming or recording in the library.

  7. The SLUB Dresden has the right to restrict and/or prohibit the use of data processing equipment (i.e. laptops, dictaphones, scanners, typewriters), wireless telephones, consumer electronics (i.e. MP3 players) or other devices on library premises – including restrooms, hallways and entrance areas, stairwells, etc. – or to restrict the use of such devices to certain areas of the library.

  8. In all SLUB Dresden facilities, the following behaviors are forbidden: begging, soliciting, distributing propaganda, commercial advertising, as well as promoting, distributing or selling commercial goods.

§ 10 Disclaimer of Liability

  1. The SLUB Dresden will not be liable for loss, theft or damage to personal property of its users, including items kept in lockers, book boxes, money or valuables. Library users are responsible for their own belongings brought with them onto the library premises.

  2. The SLUB Dresden will not be held liable for incidental damages arising by library services performed in an incorrect, incomplete, or ill-timed fashion, nor for damages incurred by services not performed by SLUB personnel.  The same is true for incidental and unintentional damages to data and/or data storage media incurred by using library data processing equipment, data storage media, databases or electronic networks.

  3. Liability for slight negligence on behalf of the SLUB Dresden is excluded at all times.

§ 11 Due Diligence Rules and Liability for Damages

  1. Library users are required to treat all library media in a proper, conscientious and careful manner, as well to prevent damage to such media.

  2. When borrowing books or other media, library users must immediately inspect the condition of all items and point out any damages found, otherwise the user will be liable for any damages discovered when the items are returned.

  3. Library users are responsible for adhering to all regulations governing the rights of others, for example international copyright laws, personal rights, and legislation providing for the protection of human dignity and minors.

  4. In the case of loss or damage to library property or equipment, the library user responsible will be held liable for replacement and/or compensation of such items, unless he/she can prove that he/she was not at fault. The value of the item(s) to be replaced shall be determined by the fair and just discretion of the Director General. Library users may be required to restore the item to its original condition or to pay for such services to be carried out. The Director General may ask the user to replace an item with another item of similar value or with a reproduction, or to compensate for the loss financially. The user may be asked to compensate for a loss in value due to his/her actions. In the case of fees and fines to be charged, the current schedule of Fees and Charges will be consulted. Persons found vandalizing or defacing the library building, furniture or equipment will be prosecuted under criminal law.

  5. SLUB Dresden library users shall assume full liability for any damages and losses which they have caused, including those caused by negligence or failure to comply with library rules and regulations.

  6. Library users shall also assume full liability for any damages and losses incurred by abuse of the SLUB Dresden library card.

§ 12 Lost Property

  1. All items found on library property must be turned in to the nearest library circulation desk or information desk. Users finding lost property are entitled to an appropriate reward, as defined in § 978 of the German Civil Code (des Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuches).

  2. The SLUB Dresden is authorized to clear out all lockers, book boxes, carrels or cabinets which have not been emptied according to the terms of the rental agreement, and a fee will be charged in these cases. All personal property found will be placed in the library lost-and-found collection.

§ 13 Fees and Expenses

  1. Use of the SLUB Dresden libraries is free of charge.

  2. When permitted by law, fees will be charged for library services provided as well as for the reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the library user. Such charges are described in detail in the current schedule of Library Fees and Charges.

  3. Library fees and charges will be collected according to the administrative enforcement regulations set forth by the State of Saxony (Verwaltungsvollstreckungsgesetz).

  4. A deposit fee may be charged for keys and/or access cards for the lockers, book boxes, carrels or other SLUB library facilities.

  5. Commercial use of library collections, in particular the use of reproductions of manuscripts or other valuable items belonging to the SLUB Dresden, is subject to charge, as defined in the schedule of Library Fees and Charges.

§ 14 Opening Hours

  1. The opening hours of the SLUB Central Library and the SLUB Branch Libraries are posted in all library buildings, as well as made public on the SLUB Website.

  2. Any necessary changes to the publicly posted opening hours, including the need to close a SLUB facility, are possible at any time and will be made public in an appropriate manner, such as via the SLUB news service, posted in the facilities and on the Website.

III. Use of Library Collections on Library Premises

§ 15 Use of Library Collections in Reading Rooms, Reading Lounges and at Workstations

  1. The non-circulating collection of the SLUB Dresden may only be used in the rooms intended for this purpose. This rule applies to the media found in the required course reading shelves as well.

  2. The library may restrict the number of media it makes available for each individual library user.

  3. Borrowed media, as well as library users’ personal property, may be used in the reading rooms, reading lounges and at the library workstations. Book boxes are only to be used to store library media that has already been checked out. In these cases, the loan receipt must accompany the media kept in the carrels and book boxes, and it must be visible.

§ 16 Manuscripts, Special and Rare Collections

  1. Special restrictions may apply to the use of manuscripts and other media, which, due to their age, value, rarity or condition (special collections) are particularly fragile or require special protection. Conservational measures may even require certain items to be excluded from use. The safety precautions deemed necessary for the conservation of these collections must be respected. In some cases, the library may provide a facsimile instead of the original item.

  2. Before receiving permission to use an item from one of the library's special collections, the library user may be asked to state his/her intentions with regard to the item. Without exception, use of such media is permitted only in the areas of the library that are dedicated to this purpose. A list of library users and media used on library premises is kept.

  3. Special permission is required to publish texts and/or images originating from manuscripts and other rare and/or fragile items from the library’s collections. In such cases, special arrangements must be made with the SLUB Dresden.

  4. In the case of publication, the library user agrees to provide the SLUB Dresden with the bibliographic information pertaining to the use of content originating from manuscripts and items belonging to the library’s special collections.

IV. Borrowing Media from Library Collections

§ 17 General Borrowing Regulations

  1. As a general rule, media belonging to the SLUB Dresden are circulating (borrowable). The library has the right to exclude items from circulation or to restrict the circulation of certain items, as described above in § 16.

  2. Frequently requested media, including required course reading materials, may be restricted for use in reading areas, information desk areas or reference areas in the library.

  3. The SLUB Dresden is authorized, but not obligated, to issue materials to the person presenting an appropriate library card.

  4. The use of media for exhibitions or for photography, film, television or sound recordings requires special arrangements and permission.

§ 18 Borrowing Procedures

  1. Library users may take circulating (borrowable) items from the shelves which have been provided for use in the open access areas, and bring these items to the circulation desk or, when possible, to the self-service checkout machines. Media from the closed stacks may be ordered online via the SLUB catalog.

  2. Several self-service functions are also available online. For example, via the SLUB catalog, it is possible to:
    • Request media (find bibliographic information, location, loan status),
    • Order media from the closed stacks,
    • Renew borrowed media,
    • Reserve media,
    • Obtain an overview of the library user’s account, including borrowed items, fees and borrowing history,
    • Allocate a password and PIN (personal identification number) for the library user’s account,
    • Submit or change the library user’s e-mail address.
  3. Media, which are not restricted according to the conditions detailed in sections § 16 ff., can be borrowed for use outside the library.

  4. A valid library card is required for each loan transaction. In addition, the library may request to see a library user's personal identification.

  5. Media from library collections is to be borrowed by the library user in person.

  6. Library users are responsible for any items borrowed on their user account, regardless of whether it was the user himself/herself who used the library card to borrow library media.

  7. Library users must verify the accuracy of all details printed on the loan receipts at the time of the loan transaction.

  8. Media which has not been retrieved within 5 business days after the order was received (and notification was sent) will be re-shelved. The library is not obligated to retain records of orders received.

  9. Borrowed items from the library’s collections may not be passed on to third parties.

§ 19 Borrowing Restrictions

  1. The following items may not be borrowed:
    • Non-circulating items, including bound periodicals,
    • Manuscripts and autographs,
    • Media of special value, including those which are older than 100 years,
    • Loose-leaf collections and typewritten media,
    • Unbound works, journals, newspapers, periodicals,
    • Media which, due to size, weight or condition, are unsuitable for circulation,
    • Microforms,
    • Items from the required course reading shelves.
  2. In cases where a need can be justified, an exception to these rules may be made.

  3. The library has the right to restrict or prohibit the borrowing of certain items at its own discretion, and can recall media which is out on loan.

  4. Legal regulations, to which the library must adhere, may further restrict borrowing on certain media.

  5. Items which, due to their content, are not intended for public dissemination may be made available for borrowing if the user can make a plausible case for their academic or professional purpose.

  6. The library reserves the right to restrict the number of media requests and items borrowed per library user.

§ 20 Loan Period, Renewing and Recalling Borrowed Items

  1. The standard loan period for the majority of items within the library’s collection is 28 calendar days. The library reserves the right to change loan period policies at any time. In justified cases, an item may be recalled before the end of the loan period, or in some cases, extended loan periods for certain items may be granted.

  2. Loan period renewals must take place before the due date for the borrowed items. Two renewals for items with standard loan periods are permitted, as long as another library user does not require the item. It is not possible to renew the loan period when a user’s library card has expired or will expire before the items are due.

  3. The SLUB Dresden may insist upon seeing the borrowed media before a renewal request is granted. After two loan period renewals, the borrowed media must be brought back to the library in person before another loan period renewal is possible. Renewals may not be granted beyond the validity period for the library user’s account. The SLUB may recall a borrowed item before the item’s due date if the item is required for library purposes.

  4. Permanent loans are not possible, although TU Dresden staff members may apply for an extended loan period for reference materials that are required by university professors and lecturers. However, these items must be made available to other library users when requested.

§ 21 Reserving Borrowed Media

  1. It is possible to reserve media currently on loan to another library user. However, the library reserves the right to restrict the number of reservations made per library user.

  2. Information regarding the activities of library users, including materials borrowed or reserved, may not be released without the library user's consent. In such cases, written consent must be obtained, unless other appropriate means are available. The library user in question may not be placed at any disadvantage by this action.

  3. The library user who has reserved an item will be notified via e-mail when the reserved item is available for borrowing. The item will remain at the circulation desk for 5 days after this notice has been sent.

§ 22 Returning Borrowed Media

  1. Borrowed media must be returned to the circulation desk or the book return machines on or before the due date. The library may recall an item on loan at any time, and the item must then be returned to the library on or before the closing time on the date given in the recall notice. In the case of the library user’s absence, the user must make arrangements for the borrowed media to be returned to the library on time. Library users are responsible for any library materials borrowed on their card until they have been returned and cleared from their list of borrowed items.

  2. The library is not obligated to notify the library user when the loan period has expired.

  3. Upon returning a borrowed item, the library user will receive a receipt. Library users must verify the accuracy of all details printed on this receipt at the time of the transaction. For items returned per mail, receipts will not be sent to the user, nor will the library keep them. Electronically produced receipts are not valid unless signed.

  4. An overdue fine will be charged for all media not returned by the due date. The library will notify the user of these charges and recall the overdue item.

  5. If the library user does not return an item after the library has sent the first recall notification, a new notification will be sent by registered mail (with the cost for this service being billed to the user), and the user will be requested to return the overdue item(s) within 10 days. In such cases, the library will notify the user of the administrative proceedings to follow, in the attempt to retrieve the items belonging to the library’s collection before having to take such actions. The library may, at this point, regard the items as lost and bill the library user for the cost of replacing the item(s), as described in § 11, paragraph 4.

  6. If, after the actions described above (paragraph 05) have been taken, the library user still hasn’t returned the overdue items, the library will be forced to issue an immediately executable official notification ordering the return of the borrowed media, and the library user will be liable for paying the costs incurred.

  7. Should the actions described above (paragraph 06) fail to cause the library user to take action within the prescribed time period, the library will be forced to consider the borrowed media as lost and will demand compensation from the library user, as described in § 11, paragraph 04.

  8. All official notifications described above (paragraphs 04 to 07) shall be regarded as having been received by the library user, as long as they have been sent to the last current address provided by the user.

  9. For the time period in which the library user has not responded to official notifications demanding the return of the borrowed media and/or the compensation of such, the library is authorized to deny any further borrowing or renewal requests issued by the user.

§ 23 Borrowing Media from other German and International Institutions

  1. Media which are not included in the collections of the SLUB or other local libraries may be requested via interlibrary loan. In these cases, the borrowing procedures are defined by the terms and conditions of the respective lending institution(s).

  2. The charges for interlibrary lending are defined by each lending institution’s schedule of fees and charges. The library user requesting the media must reimburse all expenses incurred by the procedures involved in international interlibrary lending, even if the library user doesn’t make use of the requested media.

  3. Requests concerning, for example, the extension of the loan period and/or other special exceptions shall be managed by the intermediary institution and are the exception, not the rule.

  4. The terms and conditions described here shall also apply to media obtained via interlibrary loan. The user is obligated to respect all instructions and notifications from the lending institution.

  5. For use beyond the premises of the holding library, media will be delivered according to the provisions stipulated by German and international loan exchange regulations. The library has the right to ascribe certain conditions to such interlibrary loans and/or to reject such loan requests. Furthermore, the library has the right to delivery facsimiles and reproductions, whenever permissible, as defined by international copyright laws.

V. Other Usage

§ 24 Electronic Media with Restricted Access

  1. Electronic information sources are clearly identified according to the corresponding access authorization required. Permission to use restricted-access electronic information sources is regulated by the conditions set by the respective license-granting institution (i.e. if permission is granted only to university staff, or when use is restricted to the SLUB Dresden premises via a dedicated IP address). Unauthorized access to such media is prevented by electronic authentication mechanisms.

§ 25 Reproducing Media

  1. Library users may make copies of media (or have copies made), as long as the media is not damaged in the process.

  2. Media from the library's special collections as well as media that are under special conservational protection may only be reproduced with special permission from the library. The library reserves the right to determine the which type of reproduction is appropriate.

  3. If the library has produced the reproduction itself, it remains the owner of the rights concerning such reproduction and the original media remain its property.

  4. Reproductions to be produced in large quantities or intended for commercial purposes (i.e. reprints, facsimile editions, postcards) require special arrangements to be made with the SLUB Dresden, which has the right to determine appropriate compensation for such uses. Rights regarding reproductions and/or uses are not to be passed on to third parties without obtaining special permission from the library.

  5. Special provisions regulate the transfer of media onto electronic data storage media (i.e. CD, DVD).

§ 26 Use of IT Workstations

  1. Registered library users  may use the IT workstations that the SLUB Dresden provides for accessing electronic information sources. To gain access, the library user's identification number and password must be entered. In some cases, other authentication measures may be possible.

  2. To take advantage of these services, a basic knowledge of the appropriate hardware and software is required.

  3. IT workstations may be reserved for users or staff members attending training courses, who then have priority over individual library users.

  4. Use of the library's IT workstations for commercial purposes, including Internet usage, is not permitted.

  5. The IT workstations and equipment must be handled in accordance with their intended use. Library users must report any defects or problems discovered before or during use to the library staff, and may not attempt to rectify the situation on their own.

  6. Library users are responsible for paying for all pages printed on library equipment, even in the event of printing errors, unless the library is proven to be at fault. Print jobs are retained only for a short period of time, whereupon they are deleted. Library users may use their own data storage media to save files used or created on library equipment. The library is not responsible for securing such data for the users. Library staff is authorized to scan the user’s data storage media for viruses before permitting use of such on library equipment.

  7. Library users must obey all relevant legal regulations at all times, especially concerning international copyright laws, data and privacy protection laws, and criminal law provisions. Violations will be prosecuted and may lead to a suspension of the library user’s rights.

  8. The due diligence regulations and liabilities defined in § 9, § 10, and § 11 above also apply here.

VI. Final Provisions

§ 27 Termination of User Privileges

  1. Library users found repeatedly violating the SLUB Dresden Library rules and regulations (Terms of Use), as well as users found guilty of serious violations of the above, may be subject to the suspension or termination of their user privileges. The Director General of the SLUB Dresden is authorized to determine the extent of the suspension or termination (i.e. whether temporary or permanent, partial or full). The same applies to a suspension due to other causes, such as unreasonable behaviors on the part of the library user. In some cases, the suspension or termination of user privileges may include the user being barred from entering the premises entirely.

  2. Before a user’s privileges are suspended or terminated, the library user has a right to speak his/her case, and to be heard.

  3. All damages and liabilities incurred remain the responsibility of the library user.

  4. Upon receiving notice of suspension and/or termination, the library user has a right to appeal the library’s decision within one month’s time to the SLUB Dresden Board of Trustees.

§ 28 Amendments to Terms of Use and Rules of the House

  1. The Director General has the right to determine how the Terms of Use and house rules will be enforced. These executive decisions made must be approved by the SLUB Dresden Board of Trustees. Executive decisions made by the Director General take effect automatically if the Board has not appealed the decision within four weeks of notification.  Such executive regulations are to be made public immediately and in an appropriate manner. The SLUB Dresden Terms of Use must also be amended accordingly.

  2. The Director General is authorized to change the current Terms of Use, in the same manner as described above (paragraph 01).

  3. Changes to the Terms of Use and house rules, as well as to additional rules and executive regulations, which affect the SLUB Dresden's schedule of fees and charges, or which have ramifications for library operations, in particular regarding timely return of media belonging to the library's collections, and which are reasonable and discretionary, are possible at any time.

§ 29 Effective Date

These Terms of Use are effective as of the date they were published. Simultaneously, the previous Terms of Use (published January 1, 1999) cease to be in force.

Drawn up as a result of a resolution by the SLUB Dresden Board of Trustees on November 1, 2010.