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The program is here.

All lectures will take place in the lecture hall.

Tuesday, 15. August 2017  


ALTO editorial board meeting

in Talleyrand Zimmer


Meet & Greet


Wednesday, 16. August 2017

Live Streaming:

Session 1: Funding and preservationManuela Queitsch
13:00 Greetingprogram & local committee
13:10welcome address

Gerhard Rödel

Vice-Rector for Research, TU Dresden

13:20welcome address

Thomas Bürger

Director General SLUB Dresden

13:30Keynote: Relevance of news in the digital age

Lutz Hagen

executive director, Institute for Communication Sciences, TU Dresden

13:50Infrastructural funding of digitization and long-term preservation to save the cultural memory of a region

Simone Georgi

Julia Meyer

Annika-Valeska Walzel

14:10National Funding Mechanism for the digitization and long-term preservation of the newspapers endangered by the degradation of the paper. Looking back over more than 15 years of the cooperation of the Czech librariesTomáš Foltýn
14:30Digital vs. Analogous Long Term Preservation. Microfilm still alive …?Michael Luetgen
14:50Afternoon break
Session 2: Audiovisual media and PreservationJuan Garcés
15:20Digitale Langzeitarchivierung analoger A/V-Medien – Anforderungen an Digitalisierung, Metadaten und Präsentation aus Sicht einer Bibliothek

Jürgen Grzondziel

Andreas Romeyke

15:40Automatisierte Aufbereitung archivierter VHS-Digitalisate durch künstliche neuronale Netze zum Zweck der Wiederausstrahlung 

Stefanie Müller

Stefan Kahl

Maximilian Eibl

16:00Digitalisierungsstrategie für Archive sächsischer Lokalfernsehsender

Markus Rickert

André Eckardt

Rüdiger Steinmetz

Maximilian Eibl

16:20Immerse into history with "Vorwärts" - results of a retro digitization project; Image Ware PresentationRolf Rasche
16:40 - 17:40Library tours
Central Library
Dresden Digitization Center (DDZ)

Conference dinner at Schloss Eckberg
Bautzner Str. 134 by tram line 11 direction “Bühlau” stop “Elbschlösser”     

Thursday, 17. August 2017

Live Streaming:

Session 3: Digital legal depositSimone Georgi

welcome for the day

program & local committee
9:40New challenges and possibilities regarding digital cultural memory in EstoniaRiin Olonen
10:00An international survey of born digital legal deposit policies and practices, 2nd edition

Dorothy Carner

Edward McCain

Stephen Wyber

Frederick Zarndt

Session 4: Image-Text-preservationJuan Garcés
10:20Image Retrieval in Digital Libraries. A Large Scale Multicollection Experimentation

Guillaume Chiron

Jean-Philippe Moreux 

10:40Morning Break

Improving the quality of the text, a pilot project to assess and correct the OCR in a multilingual environment

Yves Maurer
11:30Newspaper digitalization - Hierarchical storage levels and long-term preservation 

Kathrin Huber

Gerald Huebsch

11:50News media processing and interactive presentation; CCS Presentation Claus Gravenhorst
Session 5: The library's role: services and applicationsYves Maurer
12:10Press clipping services: monitoring social and political change in South Africa

Douwe Drijfhout

Londeka Dlamini

12:30Digitised Newspapers and digital research: What is the library’s role?

Julia Meyer

Juan Garcés 

14:00Der „Freiheitskampf“ – Digitalisierung und Tiefenerschließung einer NS-Zeitung  / Digitisation and Indexing of a National Socialist Daily

Martin Munke

Thomas Widera

Matti Stöhr

14:20Describing dynamic data journalism: a survey of news applications

Katherine Boss

Meredith Broussard


Preserving Our Collective Memory: The Case of HK Magazine

Leo F.H. Ma 
15:10Afternoon break
15:40Preserving News on the Margins: The MetaArchive Cooperative and Digital News Preservation still relevant?Katherine Skinner
16:00 - 17:00

Library tours
Central Library and Book Museum
Media Library

17:30 - 21:30Science Cruise with the Elbe ship “MS August der Starke” from the Terrassenufer

Friday, 18. August 2017

9:00 - 14:00

Saxon flair and baroque places: Dresden, Meissen, Moritzburg

Departure and arrival at the library (parcing area)

Train connections to Wroclaw are possible