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Videoing at the SLUB Book Museum

50 preciosities from more than 4 millenia are shown at the SLUB Treasure room. For conservation reasons and to realize easy access we are building up the Virtual Treasure room.

Because of frequently asked questions please note:

1. For planning reasons, request forms for film and photo projects must be submitted at least one week in advance to:
Please include:

  • name of the company
  • film synopsis
  • which and how to be filmed
  • the expected duration of the whole shoot

2. the conditions are:

  • luminous intensity of about 50 Lux
  • videoing is restricted to the absolutely necessary
  • when ever possible facsimile or digitized copies can be used
  • the library is named as source as follows: SLUB
  • Please send a copy to SLUB

3. Charge

  • lump-sum operating cost: 150,00 €.