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More than just bureaucracy? - Data management planning for grant applications, and: for you!

Open Science / Publishing
Do, 01.07.2021 10:00 Uhr - 11:30 Uhr, Online-Veranstaltung, Johannes Sperling

Funding agencies like the DFG or programs like Horizon Europe expect grant proposals to include sections regarding how applicants intend to handle their research data. Sometimes, even a whole Data Management Plan (DMP) is required.

Does this sound tricky? And what does it mean for your project? Find out in this workshop, in which we will deal with practical questions like: What are your funding agency's specific requirements? And what are the most important aspects you should cover?

The workshop chooses a hands-on approach in discussing real life examples from existing grant proposals. We will talk about typical obstacles (and solutions) when creating your DMP text. Also, we will discuss some "philosophy" matters, like is a DMP just a bureaucratic nuisance, or does it serve a higher purpose? And how can data management planning help you to become a better researcher?

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Porträt von Johannes Sperling
Johannes Sperling

Johannes Sperling ist IT-erfahrener Psychologe und Mitarbeiter des Teams Forschungsdatenmanagement. Er berät und begleitet Einzelforscher sowie Verbundprojekte bei der Datenmanagementplanung und der Umsetzung des Datenmanagements. Darüber hinaus wirkt er an der (Weiter-) Entwicklung von Tools und Services mit und sammelt dazu Feedback von Forschenden zu ihren Bedürfnissen und Erfahrungen.

Kontakt: oder +49 351 4677  790

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