Introduction to research data management (TU9)

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Dieses Online-Seminar ist Teil einer virtuellen Veranstaltungsreihe der TU9 Bibliotheken zu forschungsnahen Themen.

  • Dozent:innen: Jürgen Windeck & Andreas Geißner
  • Inhaltsbeschreibung: 

In your research, a large amount of digital data and possibly software is created. You may also reuse data and software from previous research projects. A lot of questions about research data management come along, e.g.

  • What are the "Guidelines on Digital Research Data at TU Darmstadt"?
  • Where do I save my data safely and securely?
  • How do I keep track of my data?
  • Does anyone else understand my data?
  • Who actually owns research data and who may use it?
  • What standards, best practices and tools for dealing with data are there in my field?
  • Where and how can I archive or publish selected data?
  • What happens to the data after my project is completed?
  • How does the research data team at TU Darmstadt - TUdata - support me in handling my data?

We will answer these and other - and above all your - questions during this workshop. In particular, we will get to know the TUdata tools: TUdmo, TU-GitLab, TUdatalib.

Note: Please bring along data from your own research.

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