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Simply start. This is how it works:

  • Working surfaces and equipment at the Makerspace are available to all SLUB users for their own projects during opening hours of the Departmental Library DrePunct.
  • The 3D-printer for plaster and plastics as well as the laser cutter are supervised by a student team that also coordinates and confirms booking requests. Please send us your booking request beforehand via email, including detailed information about the assignment (material, quantity, complexity, and a contact phone number for questions). The room booking system will give you an overview of available booking slots.
  • Simple print and cutting orders are currently free of charge for SLUB users.
  • We recommend the video tutorials at video2brain for an introduction to 3D-printing and 3D-modelling. These introductory course – as well as books on these themes in our collection – can be used with the SLUB-card.

Our 3D-printer for plaster is on holiday. It therefore is not available at the moment.

Makerspace and its cooperation partnersto top

The TU Dresden‘s 3D LAB B25 provides the 3D-printer and the laser cutter. Prof. Daniel Lordick from the Institut for Geometry: "The move of the equipment to the Makerspace has opened up totally new possibilities to extend the services of the 3D LAB B25. The generous space of the former Map Room creates free space for interactive prototyping in a creative working environment. There is enough space to put together models on location. There is also the gratifying development of seeing this easily accessible equipment used by a broader community.

smart³ and Fraunhofer IWU actively support the SLUB‘s Makerspace in order to find and foster new ideas. smart³ is all about the use of functional materials, so-called smart materials. Smart metarials is a group of substances with the remarkable capability to adapt independently to changing environmental conditions and to change purposefully in response to external influences to achieve this. They allow a very high functionality in simplified structures and open up totally new perspectives in product design.

Space for people, ideas, and projectsto top

Makerspaces are open spaces for people, new ideas and do-it-yourself-projects. Here, you can try out new techniques, exchange experiences and find like-minded people. The Makerspace at the SLUB’s DrePunct is now becoming a permanent service for all users of the Library.

You would like to use the Makerspace for printing, cutting or workshops? Please contact us. We offer space for people, ideas, and projects.

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